When you’re looking for entertainment for your next event, it can be hard to find something unique. You want something that’ll keep your guests delighted and create an experience they’ll remember for years to come. A great way to make your event a success is to hire a magician.

Atlanta has some great magicians who can make your next event a standout success. Read on to learn more about why you should hire a magician for your next event and discover some of the best ones in Atlanta.

Why Hire a Magician?

One of the best reasons to hire a magician for your event is they’re one of the most flexible entertainers you can work with, and we don’t mean in an acrobatic sense. Magicians can work in any weather with any crowd of people to entertain them. They can adjust their performance to meet the needs of your venue and your guests so everyone has an amazing experience.

Magicians are also great at covering small delays and problems during your event. If you discover you don’t have enough chairs for dinner or if you have to take a few extra moments to get ready for your wedding reception, don’t worry. Your magician can cover the time with a few tricks while your guests wait.

What Events to Hire a Magician For

Magicians can work well for a wide variety of events. They’re a popular option for birthday parties of all ages. People from ages three to 93 can enjoy the wonder that comes with a magic show, and the flexibility of a magician’s performance makes this the perfect filler activity during a party.

You can also hire a magician for a graduation party, retirement party, anniversary party, or baby shower. They can make great entertainment for bachelor and bachelorette parties, or even wedding receptions. A good magician can tailor their performance to suit the occasion; they might class it up for a wedding or get a little more daring for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Choosing the Style of Magic

There’s a variety of different styles of magic that performers specialize in. It’s a good idea to have a familiarity with these so you know what you’re looking for in a performer.

Illusion magic is one of the most popular styles of magic and is probably the one you think of first when you think of a magic show. Illusion magic involves people or large animals in bold stage tricks. For instance, the sawing a woman in half trick or levitating a person are both examples of illusion magic.

Manipulation magic makes small objects appear, disappear, change, or double during an act. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat, making a coin disappear and reappear behind your ear, and pulling flowers out of nowhere are all manipulation magic.

Close-up magic is what it says on the tin: magic that happens very close to the observers. This is a popular option for parties and small gatherings since it involves a lot of interaction between the audience and the performer.

Escape magic is the genre where magicians attempt to escape from seemingly impossible situations. Harry Houdini was the greatest escape magician of all time.

Mentalism is less about sleight of hand and illusions and more about reading body language and knowing some hypnotic techniques. This is the magic genre where the performer seems to read the minds of the audience, control their actions, or predict future events. This is another popular one at parties since it has a lot of performer-audience interaction.

The Jolly Jester

The Jolly Jester is one of Atlanta’s most accomplished magicians, having performed everywhere from Canada to the Caribbean, to Scotland. His shows bring a combination of wonder and humor in a stand-up cabaret-style performance.

The Jolly Jester specializes in close-up magic, producing incredible tricks right under your nose. Many guests at his previous performances say they’re amazed and have never seen a magician that close before. The Jolly Jester also brings the audience into the performance, using volunteers that get to join him on the stage for some of his tricks.

Howie the Great

Howie the Great is one of Atlanta’s favorite celebrity magicians. He’s delighted audiences around the world for more than three decades with more than 300 performances every year. Howie specializes in a number of types of magic, ranging from illusion magic to fire swallowing.

Howie the Great has a few event programs you can choose from. His Close-Up Interactive Magic show gets up close and personal with your guests, amazing them with a show that happens in their own hands. His Magical Group Show is his most successful model and includes tricks your guests will remember for years to come.

Dan Garrett

Dan Garrett will amaze and amuse your guests with his show that features magic and humor. He specializes in mentalism and card tricks and will blow your guests’ minds with his psychic entertainment. He has performed for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Dan Garrett is a great option to hire for corporate events, banquets, hospitality suites, graduations, weddings, and private parties. He’s won the Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year award three times, and done a feature performance on CNN Headline News. He creates custom performances for your event, making him the perfect touch of magic for your next event.

Discover the Great Magicians of the South

Hiring great magicians to perform at your next event is a great idea. They can help smooth over any hiccups in the plan, and they will make the event one your guests will remember for years to come. And some of the best magicians live right here in Atlanta, so book one for your next event!

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