The wedding date is booked, the venue is reserved, and even the cake has been ordered. Yet there are still some important decisions to be made for the big day – and that includes making a choice on music.

Have you considered hiring a harpist? If you’re interested in adding a touch of class to your ceremony, drinks reception, or wedding breakfast then a harpist is a wonderful option.

Whatever type of wedding you’re planning, a harpist can welcome an atmosphere of sophistication, calm, and serenity to an otherwise busy and frantic day!

Ready to hear the benefits of opting for a harpist at your wedding? Read on.

1. Sets a Romantic and Entertaining Mood

What could be more romantic than listening to the gently strummed strings of a harpist as you wed the love of your life?

The relaxing and soothing tunes provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and will set the mood perfectly for your wedding. Whether played during the wedding service, as background music for your drink’s reception, or as calming entertainment during the wedding breakfast, a harpist will be the ideal classy accompaniment.

Likewise, harpists are fascinating to watch play. Harpists stroke and pluck the strings and use pedals to adjust the sound to create an amazing variety and complexity of sound – it will be heaven for your eardrums!

The sound of a harp carries very well too. Unless provided for a large wedding, for most harpists amplification isn’t necessary. Exceptions can include for venues that have noise issues such as being close to a busy street or near a large waterfall or fountain, for example.

Guests will be enthralled by the movement and sound – kids included. That means you don’t have to worry about your guests feeling bored or unimpressed with your choice of music!

2. Suits All Types of Weddings

A live entertainment company providing a harpist can deliver music for a wide variety of weddings – including both traditional and non-traditional ceremonies. Whether the service is Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Hindi, or non-religious, a harpist can suit all types of weddings.

Most harpists will also dress to suit your wedding – whether you require special color coordination or whether there is a special theme. For example, your harpist can dress appropriately for a beach wedding.

Most harpists are also happy to play for outdoor wedding ceremonies. This may be under the circumstances that the weather cooperates and that the harp is protected from the elements and placed safely in the shade. As always, it’s best to have a back-up plan in case the weather really is terrible.

3. Versatile

One of the best parts about hiring live music such as a harpist is how adaptable they are. Harpists can observe and respond appropriately to match the surroundings and atmosphere of the wedding.

Life events like weddings often come with surprises, and a harpist can go with the flow and use surprises to improvise and shine. The ability to adapt is a huge win for a wedding.

Likewise, a harpist can play a range of different types of music for the wedding. While traditional wedding music and familiar classical pieces are popular, many harpists can play Celtic, jazz, Broadway, rock, pop, religious, and folk to name a few of the different genres of music.

Harpists will work with you to create a unique musical soundtrack that perfectly reflects the tastes and vision of your dream wedding. After all, the music should have meaning to the wedding couple and their families.

Be sure to request any special song requests, or if you’re unsure, your harpist can suggest some favorites and popular choices.

Many harpists will be happy to provide duets or group ensembles too. Some popular groupings include harpists and pianists, harpists and vocalists, and harpists and jazz musicians. For live entertainment groupings in Atlanta, have a look at our available entertainment.

Remember, be sure to check with the officiant and venue to see if there are any restrictions on music choices. This is because some venues don’t allow non-classical or non-sacred music.

4. Easy to Set Up

Harpists are virtually self-contained, so setting up is super easy. As the wedding couple, you don’t really need to do anything at all! That leaves you able to sit back and focus on getting married.

A harpist will bring their own harp, bench, stand, and amplifier (if required). They can, however, use a chair provided by you or the venue if preferred though.

Generally, they only need a dry, flat, and level space measuring around 3m x 5m.

For a large venue or marquee, a harpist may bring their own discreet amplification and will require access to a 13amp plug socket.

As mentioned earlier, for outdoor events, the harpist simply needs to set up in the shade.

Ready to Book a Harpist?

In any case, choosing the option of live music such as a harpist for your wedding is a great idea. Not only do they provide an ambiance like no other, but they’re also versatile and suit all types of weddings. They also don’t require any assistance for set up, leaving you to enjoy your wedding stress-free.

If you’re looking for an Atlanta harpist, we can help. Our talented harpist Catherine has impressively played for Bill Cosby, Sarah, the Duchess of York, at the 1996 Olympic festivities, and in an exclusive engagement for then Vice-President George Bush.

Catherine is available for weddings and will add a dose of elegance and class to any event with her soothing and calming music. Learn more and request a quote on our harpist services here.