Nearly every year at Thanksgiving time, we receive calls from nearly frantic, busy executives lamenting that they neglected or forgot to call us to schedule their Dj or a holiday music Band for this year’s company holiday party. The caller quickly sounds relieved to hear from our office begins to relax as we tell them that we still have excellent quality entertainers available to perform for them.

Sometimes dates change and events even move on some of our Dj’s and band leader’s calendars for any number of reasons. This sets up a “let the chips fall where they may” scenario and some terrific talent has suddenly openings that were not there just a week ago. Believe me, there is never a dull moment in the special events industry. We here at Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment love “pulling rabbits out of hats” for our clients -eve if it is last minute! It is our chance to be a hero, if you will, for the moment. And, we have actually garnered many loyal, annual clients because of these situations.