Your boss just walked in and gave you the responsibility of coming up with some great ideas for this year’s holiday theme party. Perhaps he wants it take place at a wonderful hotel, his private club or a local event facility. You have to begin to piece together how everyone will not only enjoy themselves but will actually want to show up and have fun this year. There’s no doubt that this has been a tough year for most businesses – however it has been a banner year for some industries!

You may stuck on where to start. Blue Sky Atlanta Music and Entertainment has a great holiday entertainment package available for you to think about for at least one affordable option. Best of all, your boss will think you’re a genius!

My favorite way to start off a party holiday evening’s fare is listening to some great holiday carolers to set the mood and bring your guests, upon arrival, back in time to mid-1800’s England. This was a period when Carolers and perhaps some great brandy was about all people had to warm their hearts and spirits next to a fireplace.

Following that wonderful cocktail hour, a tasty dinner or buffet begins with some soft piano or harp music in the background performed by a great Atlanta pianist.

After dinner, guests will want to get out on the dance floor, let their hair down a bit and dance the night away to one of our great Atlanta Dj’s or one of our fabulous Atlanta Dance Bands. So, call Blue Sky Atlanta today and we’ll get busy for you doing what we do best so you can get back to doing what you do best! Irish coffee anyone?