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How to Choose Wedding Entertainers to Match Your Wedding Venue

A band playing music

Are you recently engaged?

If so, you know that this season of life can be thrilling and exciting. It's also full of decisions and to-do lists. Chief among them is finding all of the vendors for your big day. 

Finding a venue you love is a huge step forward. From there, you can start making other important decisions, such as who your wedding entertainers will be. 

Ideally, the musicians you choose will have a vibe and style that meshes well with the locale that's hosting your reception. Not sure how to achieve this fit? Today, we're sharing a few tips that can help you make sure these two decisions complement one another. 

Consider the Ambiance 

While you're researching local wedding entertainment ideas, begin by considering the ambience that you want to create. For instance, are you interested in a loud and fun party band, or would you rather keep things low-key and intimate with a jazzy duo?

There's no right or wrong answer, but your venue choice can help direct your decision. 

Take a spot like the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, for instance. This historic estate offers indoor and outdoor reception spaces, and the entire property feels like taking a step back in time. Why not continue this throwback theme by hiring a harpist

Classical and traditional, harp music is the ideal fit for this venue. From the first notes, you'll establish an aura of old-world glamour that guests will love. Other venues that would work well with this type of entertainment include the Wimbish House and The Swan Coach House!

If you want to create an atmosphere that's a little more high-energy, you may consider a DJ or an eclectic party band, offering both famous covers and fresh originals. These entertainers create a fun, lively impression and pair well with a hotel wedding! 

Hosting your reception at the St. Regis Hotel? What about the InterContinental Hotel? These large-scale venues each contain sprawling ballrooms that can easily accommodate a sizeable crowd with a penchant for party tunes. 

Keep Space Restrictions in Mind

The best wedding entertainers are those who blend seamlessly into the scene, without causing too much of a stir or commotion. That said, you want to make sure they have plenty of space to spread out and do their job.

Do you have your sights set on a huge wedding reception, with hundreds of people in attendance? If so, the venue and entertainment that you book should be substantial enough to keep everyone on their feet.

A soloist might get muted by the crowd, but a seven-piece party band like Davis & The Love can easily be heard above the noise. Yet, you'll need plenty of space to host them, so stick to larger venues and hotels, such as the Crowne Plaza Ravinia. This way, band members will have enough room to spread out and set up their equipment. 

On the other hand, you won't need nearly as much room if you book a solo performer or a smaller group of musicians. These types of entertainers are ideal for smaller weddings, where the noise level will be lower and guests can hear the music more easily. They'd be a great choice at a spot like Primrose Cottage, which is high on style and sophistication yet isn't as grandiose as a hotel conference room. 

Check Acoustics and Accommodations

Put simply, some venues are set up to accommodate high-tech, high-power party bands and others are best suited for less theatrical performances. 

Consider an act like 12 South Band, for instance. This powerful group provides a non-stop performance that's more like a tech-savvy variety show, complete with a fully programmed light show. There are multiple singers, complex choreography and costume changes. 

In other words, this is a phenomenal act that requires room to work. It also requires access to a venue that includes the proper sounds, lights, and computer systems required to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. While some historic mansions and older properties might not be able to meet this need, a newer one can. 

If you want a feature-rich performance at your wedding, make sure to choose a venue that has the infrastructure in place to support it. If these elements aren't as important to you, then space will be your primary concern. 

Remember Your Budget

As you look into local entertainers, try not to get so concerned with creating a seamless venue theme that you cut too far into your budget. While it's important to set the right mood and make sure your space is set up properly, it's more important to choose a band or musician that you can comfortably afford

If there's an event planner at your venue, ask them which bands have performed there recently. This is a great way to learn about new acts and visualize yourself throwing a similar event in the space. 

Find the Best Wedding Entertainers For Your Venue

When you're in the thick of wedding planning, it's easy to assume that any entertainer you hire will simply show up at the venue and make it work. Yet, it's much easier to plan ahead and consider the features of the space before you bring your musicians on board. 

This way, you can make sure that they're comfortable and know what to expect. You'll also treat your guests to a more enjoyable experience, where the sound quality is great and the theme is well-understood.

At Blue Sky Atlanta, we've partnered with some of the best wedding entertainers in the city, and we can help you find the perfect sound for your big day. Feel free to browse the list of services we offer and contact us with any questions.