The most difficult part of a wedding planning is to find and negotiate with the wedding vendors. It might turn to be a full-time job for you to find out which vendor will suit you the best and which one will fit into your budget. Coordinating with the vendors and convincing them about your expectations can be quite a difficult task specially if you don’t book them early. They might prioritize other jobs on hand paying less attention to the late arrivals. Hence, it’s better to be precise about your requirements and the standard that you expect to be maintained by the vendors. Let them know every single detail about your wedding to put everything in the right place on the big day.


Prepare yourself for answering some of the obvious questions to be asked by your vendors. For example, if you are going to hire an event entertainment agency for your wedding day, the following basic questions should feature in your questionnaire:



  1. The date of your wedding or reception.
  2. Venue name and location.
  3. Are you planning an indoor event or outdoor event?
  4. Have you got your final guest-list? If yes then what is the final number?
  5. Under which age category the guests will fall?
  6. What kind of wedding entertainment you would like to hire for the occasion? Is it going to be a live wedding band or wedding DJ? Will it be for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or for the reception party or for all of them?
  7. How much time you would like to allot for the entertainment? What should be the duration?
  8. What kind of support do you expect from your entertainment agency? It may include staging, equipment supply, lighting, sound system etc.
  9. Are you ready to pay for the additional charges like flight fare, transport cost, pick up and drop from hotel to the venue, meals or drink etc.?



Do some research on wedding entertainment beforehand so that you may avoid the last moment uncertainties as wedding is always a stressful day for both the bride and the groom.