1. Pick music that’s age appropriate if you are having a traditional wedding. Most weddings include little cousins and nephews, as well as grandparents. They would probably prefer you not play songs like Salt’ N Pepper’s “Push It” during your reception. Think classic pop and contemporary songs.

2. Decide on a DJ or Live Band for Hire. Once again you can answer this question by determining what kind of wedding you are having. There are some really awesome bands that will get people dancing and partying, but there are also some very melodic and old school bands that have a tendency to slow things down. Just consider your guests and your style when choosing a DJ or a band.

3. Consider the mood of the ceremony. If your ceremony will be particularly classic and black tie with a string quartet you may want to go with a live band for your reception. Your guests will expect the same style at your reception, and you don’t want to scare off any of your older guests with gangster rap or heavy metal that a DJ may randomly play.

4. Incorporate line dance songs. If your wedding is going to be the party of the century then you should make sure your DJ plays songs like the cha cha slide. If your wedding is fully formal then play classic songs that allow people dance the waltz and Fox trot.

5. Think about you and your new husband. Tell the DJ to play songs that are particularly sentimental to you and your fiancé. Regardless of the song, if it is special to you and your man then you should hear it on your wedding day. Be sure to let your band or DJ know to play it too.

6. Put together a list of do-not-plays. This may seem obvious but many brides forget to tell their DJ’s what music they absolutely do not want played. For example, you and your fiancé may have break up songs from previous relationships or other songs that bring up unpleasant memories that should be avoided the day of your wedding. Be sure and fill your DJ in on them.

7. Get your guests involved. You want your guests to have fun celebrating your wedding with you so get them in on the action. Ask some of your close friends what music they would love to hear at the wedding. Get some feedback from them and hand it over to your DJ or Band. This is a great way to make sure everyone has fun.

8. Do what makes you and your groom happy. The most important thing to remember when choosing wedding music is your relationship with your groom. Your wedding day should be a reflection of what you and your groom have gone through together and what you enjoy. This will help make choosing your wedding music easier.

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