Autumn season being the most colorful season of the year, tends to be the popular choice among couples planning for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Rich in natural beauty and colorful ambiance, the season offers perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding and people often consider the time to be the best for holding the most important event of their lives.



However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while going for a fall wedding, particularly the weather condition. In spite of being beautiful, the season can also be very chilly which may not be an ideal condition for an outdoor wedding.


But don’t panic! If you have a fall wedding on the cards this year, here are some useful tips for a comfortable fall outdoor event where your guests can enjoy both the beauty of the surroundings as well as warmth of an indoor event. Check out below:

  •  The best thing about having an outdoor wedding in the fall is the decoration part which can be simple yet breathtaking with all the natural ingredients available in the surroundings.  Use the rich hues of warm, seasonal colors from the nature’s palette for decoration. Take advantage of the red, orange, yellow, green and other vibrant colors to make a perfect blend contrasting to the white gown of the bride.


  • But the trickiest part of an outdoor wedding in fall is the weather condition which can be a real threat to the entire planning. After months of detailed and hectic wedding planning, a sudden change in the climate can spoil the whole day, which otherwise could have been a perfect day for your dream wedding.


  • The best way to overcome this kind of adverse situation is to plan in advance and to prepare for the worst. Talk to your vendor who would be providing furniture about tent rentals ahead of time so that you don’t struggle to arrange for the same at the last minute. This is the time when weather becomes quite unpredictable and cheeky and so most vendors being aware of this situation make enough provision for tent rentals at the last moment. Check out their cancellation policy for tents so that it allows you to call for booking tents even at the eleventh hour or a few days before the wedding without any fear of losing money.


  • If the region you live in is a cooler one and even if you have an evening ceremony, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to provide shawls to the guests on demand. Shawls too will be available on rent and choose colors that would be perfectly matching to your wedding theme. People would surely find comfort and warmth in those shawls and would be interested to stay back for the entire event.


  • You may find shawls to be not-so-stylish or a costly affair, so you may arrange for bonfire as alternative which is not only a cheaper option but also bring festive mood to the event. So let your guests enjoy the warmth of the event as you walk down the aisle!


  • Nothing would be greater if you make arrangements for some live entertainment along with bonfire for the guests to keep them moving and dancing through the event. Live wedding music bands at your reception party can put the stage on fire and bring your guests to the dance floor.



The fire, music, lights, dance and excitement makes an amazing combination on a fall wedding and are sure to add warmth to a chilly night.