What elements should you incorporate into a fall (autumn) wedding?


1. Use the season’s colors and texture.

Fall weddings are at a unique advantage. You can derive inspiration from nature that will make your wedding truly magical. Use the colors of the turning tree leaves such as rustic oranges, reds, and yellows. These colors will reflect a romantic warm atmosphere. Textures such as layered liens and outdoor woodsy and warm elements will make your day perfect for the season!


2. Use leaves instead of flowers for the aisle.

Most weddings include a flower girl and an aisle that becomes covered in rose petals. But if you are getting hitched in fall why not incorporate leaves instead? Give your flower girl various colored leaves to line the aisle with and follow the theme of fall throughout your ceremony.



3. Do pies instead of a cake.

Fall is a time for pumpkin pie and turkey. If your wedding is in fall consider doing several pies like pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple pie instead of a traditional wedding cake. Perhaps if your family has its own recipes why not ask for them to bake a pie and bring it to the reception. Feature each pie with its own recipe card for guests to take with them as a favor.


4. Cater your food around the season.

Instead of starting your reception meal out with a crisp salad try a warm soup like chicken noodle or squash. It will warm your guest’s palate for the delicious meal to come. For the main course you can choose a classic roasted chicken or grilled filet, or perhaps go with something more unusual like turkey and mashed potatoes. The important thing is to incorporate fall vegetables like carrots and onions into the meal to give it that autumn taste.


5. Decorate with fall fruits and warmth.

Use candles and metallic hues that bring out the fall warmth while incorporating fall fruits. Pumpkins squash, and acorns all represent the fall season and are the perfect accent for a fall wedding. You can position them around the alter as centerpieces on the cake table, or even in the entry way. Keep it taste full and perhaps couple it with romantic candle lighting as well.



6. Light it up.

Fall is a time when the sun starts to sink over the horizon a little earlier than the summer months, and that means one thing, gorgeous sunsets. Whether you are getting married outdoors or indoors you can play off the beautiful fall sky colors by bringing LED lights to your decorations, or use plenty of candles that bounce of fabric and walls to convey the warm fall glow of the sun.


7. Invitations for the season.

Use the fall foliage or hues to decide on your fall wedding invitations. You can use trees, leaves, and orchards to represent your wedding theme. Get your guests prepared for the warm colors they will see during the wedding with your autumn motif invitations.


8. Plan your dress according to the season.

Getting married in fall can mean unpredictable weather patterns. That means you need to consider things like your hair, dress, and accessories in accordance with the weather. In the southern part of the United States the weather can go from calm and peaceful to a wild thunderstorm. The best idea is to prepare for the worst case scenario while not compromising on what you want. Wear your hair up with perhaps fall foliage to hold true to the season.



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