Atlanta is a cosmopolitan, global city, but it still retains its heritage with Southern charm. Do you want your Atlanta wedding to reflect Southern charm? If so, here are eight tips that can help you plan a Southern wedding.

1. Pick the perfect location. A traditional southern-style wedding should be in the perfect outdoor location, or perhaps a charming cute chapel. The idea is to create the atmosphere of a rustic southern wedding, and a barn or field will pull this together.

2. Country style. As with any wedding what you as the bridal party wears will bring the theme together. Most southern style weddings will include a pair of cowboy boots for both the bride and groom. If you decide on cowboy boots you may also want to add in unique element like spurs. Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment can help you book an Atlanta wedding band to play country music at your wedding.

3. Have a BBQ. Nothing screams southern like BBQ and Sweet tea. Put the two together as your dinner menu items or perhaps simply have a buffet style BBQ that everyone can enjoy. Either way your guests will know what kind of wedding they are at.

4. Invitations. Use something that represents you as a couple and your southern style. Maybe include a horseshoe emblem, or a tractor whatever it is that you both identify with include in the invitation. It will also help guests understand your theme. For example, Gone With the Wind is a well known classic southern movie. Why not use this theme for your invitations?

5. Decorations. Of course you cannot leave out charming southern wedding details. Include tons of mason jars and contemplate using checkered picnic table clothes for the reception. Southern style is all about comfort and family. Use this relaxed theme to pull your wedding together.

6. Use hay bales for seating. If your wedding is outdoors take advantage of the environment by using natural country style hay bales for your guests to sit on. Or if that sounds uncomfortable consider old church pews that you can find locally.

7. Ride in a carriage. Now I’m not talking about a Cinderella style carriage I’m talking like an old time real historical carriage. Nothing says southern like a carriage entrance and exit. If someone you know owns horses and a carriage take advantage of it. If not, consider renting one for an added effect at your wedding that will set it apart.

8. Use cowboy handkerchiefs as napkins. Incorporate a little DIY into your wedding by adding elements of red cowboy handkerchiefs as dinner napkins for a truly southern feel. It will go perfectly with your theme and add serve a practical purpose.

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