If you are heading to Las Vegas anytime soon, you must drop by the Venetian Hotel on the Strip and catch one of the most phenomenal musical shows of four talented lads you are likely to ever see on one stage. Together with their 7-piece kickass band behind them, precision dance moves and superb harmonies these boys  from Australia wow their crowds every night with their awesome musical abilities.

The 2-plus hour show illustrates their history from an up and coming talent show entry wannabee in Sidney to a Vegas headlining act in just over a decade of relentlessly honing their sound of rich harmonies and never taking their eyes off their goal – Las Vegas!  Their deep seated love of the Motown Tribute Bands from America as they grew up, stayed with them until they got the courage to come all the way over here and sing an a capella (voices only) audition for a reluctant (at the time), Smokey Robinson himself!

The iconic singer was so awe-struck by these kids that he took an immediate interest. He developed a near perfect hit show for a Las Vegas visitor for 35 to 75 to enjoy and never forget. They even figured out a way to digitally sing with the star via a video feed!  The word on this show happening is something that should not stay just in Vegas!

From The Four Tops and The Miracles to the unforgettable Temptations, this exciting attraction takes you on an uphill ride from start to finish and you will find yourself leaving your chairs and singing with these gifted showman.  I am glad I got to see them and when I visit again it will be a must-see return for me.  ~JT