We are living in very different times when once it was rare to be assisting country clubs managers and private folks with their live music and entertainment needs in December, today it is more common than ever to help people in the 12th month of the year.  And, best of all, last minute, “black Friday” types of deals and talent are available for the prudent party planner.

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Pianist Fred E. – one of the greats!

Some of the senior folks are starting the party earlier and earlier each year it seems allowing for the balloon drop to be timed at 10:00  p.m. instead of actual midnight.  This serves many purposes:  It gets your guests home and in front of their televisions to see the a ball drop at Times Square two hours earlier, your wait staff likes this also as it allows them to work and get home to their families.

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Latest tunes to nostalgia, what’s your favorite request?

Many Atlanta metro area’s country club members enjoy their annual soiree. At these events their is always a dance music band or a cool DJ energizing the crowd right up to the midnight hour.  A karaoke DJ just might be a big hit also.  I have long thought, that as a music performer myself, that New Year’s Eve is, perhaps, one of the easiest nights of the year to work as your built-in audience (members or family) are all there to just show up and have a great time many being not too far from their homes or right downstairs  And, variety pianists are always a favorite for many private home gatherings.

There is nothing like an elegant dance band to brighten up any evening of merriment!  The holidays are no exception. Variety dance cover Bands like Mike Veal, Moxie, Soul Purpose and Blue Sky and others make the night rock and roll!  For more information visit the home page of Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment and fill in, less than 30 seconds, your information on the short form and a proposal will show up in your inbox in short notice.

If you think it is too last minute now, don’t worry.  Just about every December 30 I am looking for the best band I can find still open for a client’s party!