You’re planning the office Christmas party, and you’ve almost got all the details worked out. You’ve sent out invitations, made arrangements with a caterer, hired a bartender, and even started putting up decorations. But who’s going to provide entertainment for your corporate Christmas party?

A magician can be the perfect entertainment choice for your Christmas party this year. Read on to learn more about why you should hire a magician to make your event one to remember. 

Break the Ice

One of the best reasons to hire a magician for your Christmas party is that it’s a great way to break the ice. Your employees work together every day, but your Christmas party may gather people from different departments or even spouses from outside the office. Things can easily get stiff and uncomfortable without some engaging entertainment.

Unlike a band, which stands at the front of the room and provides background noise, a magician engages your party guests. The amazement of seeing tricks and wonders can make people laugh and help them to relax some. Your Christmas party will be more engaging and fun for your employees, with a magician making the rounds.

Build a Team Spirit

Part of the reason to throw an office Christmas party, aside from giving your employees some holiday cheer, is that it helps to build team spirit. When your employees get a chance to interact outside of daily work, they become closer and may work better together. This greater understanding can also help with conflict resolution when challenges arise throughout the workday.

Hiring a magician for your Christmas party can be a great way to build team spirit. Your employees will laugh and be amazed together and will have something to talk about when they run into one another in the next few weeks. This sort of positive experience can also improve morale and make people feel valued and more loyal to your company.

Keep Conversations Going

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or a party in your own home, you want to make sure to keep conversations going. No one wants to go to a party full of awkward silences and standing around, staring at each other. And there’s only so many times people can ask if they’ve seen Charlie’s crazy light-up Christmas sweater.

A magician can help keep the conversation flowing throughout your event. When conversation stalls among one group, they can wander over to see what the magician is doing with another group. And throughout the evening, folks can wonder at how they’re pulling off their amazing tricks.

Avoid Blank Spaces 

Even with good conversation flowing, certain conversations are bound to peter out naturally. This can kill the mood at the party and leave a group of people who were starting to get comfortable with each other uncomfortable and wondering how long it is until they can leave. A magician can help you avoid these blank spaces and keep the party mood flowing.

Professional magicians are experts at sizing up rooms and watching for groups of people hitting lulls in their conversations. They can jump in at just the right time with a trick to amaze and delight your guests. When they leave, the group will have something new to talk about, and they can head off to kick-start another conversation.

Get Unique Entertainment 

When you’re planning your Christmas party, you want to make it something your employees will remember. Hiring a band or DJ is lovely, but unless you bring in a big-name act, it’s unlikely to be memorable. You want something more unique that will make your Christmas party memorable.

Having a professional magician at your Christmas party is one of the best ways to wow your guests. Everyone loves magic tricks, and there’s nothing better than seeing them up close. This, combined with the participatory nature of magic shows, will ensure your holiday party is the talk of the building.

Keep Things Flexible 

One of the problems with hiring a band or speaker for your Christmas party is that their sets usually take a specified amount of time. People are expected to sit and listen for a period of time, which can limit the flexibility of your plans. Mingling and team building get harder when you’re working to a schedule. 

A magician can keep your event itinerary flexible, responding at the moment as things change. If you need to fill a few minutes before announcements or an activity, they can do that. Or if you need a longer distraction to cover the late arrival of the cake, they have a whole show – and maybe a rabbit or two – up their sleeve.

Give Your Employees a Fun Time

Above all, the purpose of the company Christmas party is to give your employees a fun time. They’ve worked hard for you all year, and this is your chance to thank them for that hard work. Everyone can let their hair down a bit and enjoy a night of fun at the office. 

A magician can make that night much more, well, magical for everyone. Employees will get to participate in tricks, and the wonder of seeing your card pulled never fades. The evening will be full of laughter and amazement, and your employees will be talking about it for weeks to come.

Hire the Best Entertainment for Your Corporate Christmas Party

When you’re planning a corporate Christmas party, getting the right entertainment is key. A magician can help fill any awkward lulls, keep a flexible schedule, and give your employees a night to remember. Not only will this make your employees feel more appreciated, but it will also give them a greater sense of team spirit.

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