You’re planning your perfect Southern wedding—but you’re not sure what that exactly means. There are so many different variations on the Southern theme; how do you know which one’s right for you?


Here are 5 of the hottest themes to choose from, and ideas for how you can turn them into a reality.



  1. Rustic Barn

If you’re a country couple at heart, a rustic barn wedding could be perfect for you. It’s casual and fun and focuses on simple, down-home elements rather than tons of glitz and glam. Elements can include:

  • cowboy boots and hats for the bridal party
  • hay bales for ceremony seating
  • lights and/or fabric hung from the rafters
  • wildflower bouquets and centerpieces
  • farm elements: horseshoes, wagon wheels, crates 
  1. Shabby Chic

If you want to embrace the country element with a little more elegance, a shabby chic theme is ideal. You retain the natural, casual aspects while upping the bling factor just a tad. Elements can include:

  • mason jars
  • lace and burlap
  • wooden accents
  • vintage or antique accessories
  • tarnished silver 
  1. Garden Party

A classic garden wedding is pretty and romantic. You can keep it sweet and simple or make it luxurious and opulent, depending on your tastes. Elements can include:

  • cottage garden flowers: roses, hydrangeas, lavender
  • birdcages
  • garden accessories: baskets, watering cans, trellises
  • tea party finger foods for appetizers
  • butterfly or dragonfly accents 
  1. Stately Manor

If you want to make a statement, evoke the grandeur of a southern estate wedding. Your big day is sure to feel special. Elements can include:

  • grand staircases
  • high-ceilinged ballrooms
  • sprawling verandas
  • big ball gowns
  • manicured gardens
  • candelabras
  1. Fairy Tale

Classic and beautiful, a fairy tale wedding will make you feel like royalty for the day—and will tell your guests your love is one for the history books. Elements can include:

  • a horse-drawn carriage
  • lots of bling
  • silks and satins
  • complex updos
  • monograms


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