Planning to throw a birthday party for your child without burning a hole in your pocket? These handy tips will help you to find some fun ideas for hosting a birthday party within budget.

 1. Fix a Party Time Between Lunch and Dinner:

The best time for a birthday party is between lunch and dinner as you don’t have to arrange a full meal for the guests.

2. Begin an Early Planning. 

Avoid last minute shopping for the party supply; else you may end up buying overpriced items without getting enough time for price comparison.

3. Opt for Digital Invitation.

Go digital and save on paper invitations for your kid’s birthday bash.

4. Tap your network for entertainment and games. 

For entertainment and games, utilise your personal contacts to get some discounts on prices.

5. Party Entertainers:

For kid’s party entertainers, get a comedian or magician for hire from your community resources that may cost half of the market price.

Alternatively, you may also tap the hidden talents among the parents. Many of them make excellent party entertainers like singers, musicians, magicians, clowns, fortune tellers etc.

6. Escape a photo booth – if you have a digital camera and color printer, why should you spend a ton for hiring a photo booth? Think a little creative to make your own studio with a DIY backdrop at home.

7. Make a bowling alley on your own

Take 10 clear plastic bottles and add a few drops of colours. Put them on flat ground at your backyard and create your own bowling alley to save your money. Colourful party streamers will make lane margins.

8. Create movie time at home:

Create a movie theatre at home and supply popcorn, juice, candies to bring the feel among kids.

9. Choose Neighbourhood Park instead of an Expensive Amusement Park:

Build up amusement park theme there by serving kids-friendly food and lemonade and setting up face-painting booth or tattoo booth etc. You may also hire a caricature artist to add fun which is a popular option for party entertainment these days.

9. Make Personalised favors:

Arrange a personalised craft activity for kids instead of entertainment hire where they will make DIY party favors based on the party theme. This will eliminate the need for buying costly party supplies.

10. Go for the online deals. 

It’s not that you always get best price on online products, but browsing the internet will give you idea on the variety of party supplies available in the market and the prices. Try to grab the best offers on such items to save some cash. Go through the popular sites for party ideas and supplies for more ideas.

11. Home-made Cakes:

If you are a good baker, bake a homemade cake for the party kids and apply some DIY tips to make it attractive for the kids. This will be economic as well as bring happiness on the faces of the little kiddos.

Try these simple tips and make your kids birthday party simply amazing without breaking the bank.