Before you attend the upcoming Oktoberfest in Munich that is going to start off from 22nd September this year, you should be well informed about it to enjoy every bit of this mega event. Though Munich is safe during the festival time, it’s advisable to keep a watch on your surroundings and your valuables safe just like other festivals.




Things to See and Do:

Among so many things to see and do in Oktoberfest, there are certain things that make this event so unique and popular across the world.


Beer Tents: In Oktoberfest or popularly known as the Beerfest, you will get to see huge beer tents which are the main highlights of the 16 days long festival. The tents are free to enter but to get a seat it will need minimum 10 people on a table and you have to purchase beer and meal coupons that will cost you around 10-15 Euros. Besides offering tasty beverages, each of these tents have something unique to entertain the guests. You will surely admire the rustic features of Schützen-Festzelt tent that is popular for its delicious pork and potato salad served with beer. You can also enjoy various competitions organised by the Bavarian Sport Shooting Association.

The latest of the beer tents is the Marstall which is the best place to offer vintage beers and meals. Here you can also enjoy live music while dining and boozing played by the local Oktoberfest bands from the wonderful carousel stage. Augustiner-Festhalle is the friendliest tent serving beer in wooden barrels. The guests are attended by courteous waiters and waitress with smiling faces and people enjoy the nights singing and dancing in a fun environment.


Watch the parades: Watch the breweries and landlords moving around in traditional floats and carriages on the first weekend of the festival. The creative floats and people joining in from different parts of the country in vintage costumes and live party bands will make the Sundays more eventful.


Visit Oide Wiesn: To live the history, you must visit the Oide Wiesn is on the southern part of the festival ground where people are seen roaming in vintage costumes during the festival time. The place is relatively peaceful and besides offering drinks and food, it also features traditional musical performances. Don’t miss the Museum tent to learn about the eventful past of Oktoberfest and enjoy 20th century rides in Oide Wiesn.


Fun-rides: Oktoberfest is not just for adults boozing and partying all around but also for the kids. Visit the festival ground on Tuesdays and get discount on fun rides for your kids and family. The Familienplatzl  tent needs a special mention that offers fun shows, exciting activities, and mouth-watering beverages for your little ones.

If you travelling from other state or city, you need to book your hotel and a table at the beer tent well in advance and don’t give yourself an opportunity to regret later on.