I have always felt, that after some 35 years, New Year’s Eve was one of the easiest nights of the whole year to work performing music for the public. Think about it. Everyone and I mean everyone comes fully ready to enjoy the music and have a great time dancing to a great band. You can hear the horns begin to sound at 8:00 p.m. So, the pressure to please is somewhat less present than on other special event nights.

Whether you are a member of a country club, a organization’s event planner or a private party in mind for some last minute whooping and hollering on the “countdown night” saying goodbye to a year many would like to forget, Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment has one of it’s great bands open and available for you to consider.

So, we are sending out this S.O.S to all our readers that The Infinity Show Band will rock the house from Motown dance party favorites to some of the latest  jams. Tight, professional and dependable are three of their middle names!

Best of all we can deliver them at a very reasonable last minute price!  For pricing please call 770.457.1955 or email us at; blue.sky@mindspring.com.