Pan Flute in Live Atlanta Entertainment – A History

Live Atlanta entertainment and The Pan Flute is our focus today.  We seldom hear Pan Flute performed live here ,but you frequently hear it in commercial music and movie scores.  Our Live Atlanta Entertainment featuring the Pan Flute may be making a comeback.  The instrument has a vast history throughout the ages.

The Pan flute, also known as Panpipes, is a group of wind instruments of closed tubes varying in length.  The tubes make different tones of the musical scale grouped together.  The sizes vary from 13 to 15 tubes each.

The principle material used to make the Pan Flute is bamboo.  The instrument is named after the Greek God of Shepherds and nature, Pan.  The Greeks, Romans and many ancient Etruscans played the instrument at their festivals, wedding entertainment and funeral processions.

The the tubes are different lengths to make the 12-tone chromatic scale.  They are tuned by using pebbles or corn kernels placed in the bottom of the closed tubes.  To make the tones sound, one blows air through holes at the top of each tube.  The tubes will sound more reedy or more flute-like depending the width.  The Peruvian Pan Flute makers curve them using beeswax and bind them together so that they stay intact.

Many live Atlanta entertainment Saxophone players have double on flute. The most common is the closed-hole version.  Blue Sky Atlanta Music represents many bands with jazz flutists among them.  There are very few Pan Flute players in Atlanta.  As a result players are rare here.  I expect to see more Pan Flute players as more people emigrate from Peru and Romania.

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