When you’re planning an event, one of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out what sort of entertainment you want. Knowing how to book a party band can help to keep your party lively and help keep the event moving along on schedule. But how do you book party bands for your next event?

The key to booking a band is to do your homework and communicate well. Read on to discover how to book a party band for your next event. 

Pick Your Band Type

When you get ready to hire a band, the first thing you need to do is decide what sort of band you want to work with. There are dozens of types of bands, from string quartets and cover bands to original musical artists, acapella groups, and even mariachi bands. You’ll need to narrow your search by what type of music you want before you can start looking for a specific band to hire. 

Your choice of band may depend in part on what sort of event you’re holding. For a rehearsal dinner, a string quartet may do fine; for a retirement party, a mariachi band or acapella group could work well. You might also want to consider the guest of honor at your event and what sort of music they and their loved ones would prefer.

Search Your Area

Once you’ve decided on the type of band you want to hire, you’ll need to run a search in your area. Local groups in your area may have social media pages or websites where you can book their services. Searching “mariachi band Atlanta” should turn up some promising results.

Another great option is to work through a booking service in your area. For one thing, they’ll have a list of all the bands you could want in one convenient location for you to browse through. You’ll have some assurance that the band is reputable, and they may even be able to help you handle booking and payment. 

Compare Prices 

When you’ve found a few bands you like the look of, it will be time to start comparing prices. Ideally, before you ever begin your search, you should set an entertainment budget for your event. Don’t forget to include setup and reservation fees, as well as tips, when you’re making this budget.

Get a quote from each of the bands at the top of your list, or check their listing pages for information about how much they charge per gig. They may charge by the hour, or they might have a flat fee per night. Figure out which one is going to work best for your budget once all expenses have been accounted for.

Contact the Band

After you do a price comparison, you should be ready to make a decision about which band you want to work with. As soon as you make this decision, you need to reach out to the band about the gig. Some groups book out months in advance, and you don’t want to lose the group you want because you waited until the last minute. 

Contact the band through the booking agency or directly through their website. Let them know what sort of event you’re hosting, when it is, how many people will be there, and how long it will last. You may also want to include some details about the venue so they can figure out how much of their own equipment they’ll need to bring. 

Figure Out Contracts 

As you and the band work out the details of your gig, it’s a good idea to start putting a contract together. Many bands will have a contract drawn up already with some basic terms and conditions. This serves to protect both you and the band, since it will outline in clear, legal terms what is expected of each of you in this interaction.

Make sure your contract specifies who will set up and take down the band’s equipment, how long they’re expected to play, and what time they’ll show up for the event. Keep in mind that the band will need breaks and work with them to create reasonable expectations for your gig. The contract may also include details about when you’ll pay certain fees and what all your costs will be.

Stay in Touch

Once you’ve signed a contract, it can be easy to think your work is done and check out until the event. But it’s a good idea to stay in touch with your band as your event gets closer. Not only will this help them be more prepared, but it will also help you get the entertainment you’re wanting for your event.

Keep your band apprised of your rough number of attendees, and let them know about any significant changes in the venue. If you have specific song requests, let them know ahead of time so they can learn them if needed. And the day before the event, send them a message confirming the time of their arrival and what you need to have ready for them at the venue.

Pay on Time

The last, and perhaps most important, step of booking a band for your event is to pay them on time. Many local musicians either work extra jobs to make ends meet or rely on every gig to pay their bills. Delayed payments aren’t just rude; they could be a violation of your contract. 

Make sure you pay your musicians on time and in full. If there’s some delay with your payment, let your band know as soon as possible, and tell them when they can expect payment. And if tipping is appropriate, be sure to tip your band generously; after all, they’re working hard to make sure your event is enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Learn to Book Party Bands

Booking a band for your event can be one of the best ways to keep your guests entertained. Make sure you know what you want from your band, and work out a contract detailing what each of you expects from the other. Keep in touch with them, let them know about any changes as soon as possible, and pay on time and in full.

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