Music makes a crucial part of any wedding entertainment and if the big event of your life is happening in 2018, its time to plan the right kind of wedding music well in advance to avoid last moment hassles.

Make your event unique by following a few simple tips while selecting wedding playlist for different occasions.

For wedding dinners, music should always be soft and pleasant that will blend perfectly to the background. So, select your own music list for wedding dinner that will surely not create background noise, allowing the guests to focus on their meal as well as enjoy chatting with others without getting distracted by the music.

But when the dinner is over, there should be a shift in energy and the focus should be on bringing everyone to the dance floor. Choose a playlist of current upbeat songs to keep the mood on. Most people believe in “old is gold”. Classic wedding songs are always a first choice for a reception but it is wise to add something new and fresh songs to your playlist to suit the taste of the guests of all generations. Think of a fun combination where people of different age groups shaking legs at both old classics and current hits!

Mix a timeless classic like “Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers with some current popular wedding songs of 2018 and see the result. I’m sure it will be heart-warming.

These are some vital tips to make your wedding music perfect:

  • Timeless Classics: Choose old classics which create calm and soothing ambience for wedding dinner.
  • Contemporary popular songs: Include some of the current hit songs of 2017-2018.
  • Select from popular music genre like jazz, R&B, pop, rock, Hip-Hop, 80’s, 90’s, contemporary etc.
  • Hire professional wedding DJ who will play the perfect playlist keeping in mind the different taste and age group of the guests.
  • This is an occasion where you would love to see everyone happy and excited about your marriage and hence you need to choose songs that are positive, cheerful and mood uplifting.
  • Make separate lists for first and last dance songs, Parents dance songs, wedding reception songs and party dance songs.

Some Must-have songs for your wedding:


Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt

Marry You by Bruno Mars

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Train – Marry Me

Harry Styles – Sweet Creature

Adele – Make You Feel My Love

Brett Eldredge – Love Someone

Carole King – Child of Mine

Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me

Rascal Flatts – My Wish

Tim McGraw’ – My Little Girl

Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole – Unforgettable

Eric Clapton – After Midnight

The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go