Roll the dice and let it fly. 

While half the thrill of casino gaming is taking a chance and living a little, you need to be the exact opposite during the planning phase. Putting together a casino party for fun, a fundraiser or for charity can be a great idea, but you’ll need to do your research and learn as much as you can about it. 

You will be happy that you did because these parties are a crowd-pleasing hit. Here’s what you need to know about putting together a casino party event. 

Understand the Reason For Your Casino Party

Nothing says a good time out like a casino party, but having a reason or occasion can make your event that much more successful. 

There are plenty of reasons that people throw these parties — such as to build workplace camaraderie, holiday parties, in celebration of a life change or event, raising money for a cause, and so much more. These parties are also great for people who love casino games but don’t live near Vegas or one of the hot spots. 

Once you get clear on your specific reason for putting together a casino night, it will be easier for you to decide on a theme and lean into it. 

Figure out What Type of Casino Games You Want

As you put together a casino party, you’ll want to make sure that you have the games that will attract people and let them have fun. 

Some favorites include Texas Hold ‘Em poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and slots. These are some games that everyone will enjoy, but definitely read the crowd and add whichever games you think will be best. 

Poker is popular because it allows people to match wits as they piece together educated guesses and wagers on the fly. Something like this might be great for a company outing. 

When you speak to a few different companies that throw casino parties, it’ll help you choose the best games for your event. 

Make it Inclusive and Inviting For Rookies and Avid Casino Goers Alike

The casino can be quite the intimidating place for the uninitiated. When you are unsure about the rules of a game and how to play it, you might be tentative when seeing people intensely wagering large sums of money. 

Since casino parties are all about fun, you’ll want to make it as open and inviting for everyone as possible. 

Always have some experts on site that can teach everyone how to play games that they might not be familiar with. Many companies will even provide classes prior to the start of the event so that people are up to speed. 

Set Up the Perfect Venue and Theme

The venue that you choose will make all of the difference in the world. As such, one of your first orders of business should be to lock down the perfect venue for your dates. 

Make sure that you not only have enough space but also choose the place that is easily accessible, and with the amenities that you need. Do your best to lock in dates as early as possible, since certain venues tend to book up fairly quickly. 

Link Up With a Company That Throws Casino Themed Parties

The biggest make or break element to planning out a casino party is finding a company that is great at throwing them. 

They are not only responsible for handling large sums of money and upholding the game’s rules, but also creating a vibe that everyone enjoys. These professionals will help you foster an environment that is Vegas-like so that everyone can enjoy themselves. 

Be sure that there’s plenty of food, drink, and camaraderie to be had, and that you choose a company that goes the extra mile with decorations. Many party companies offer catered food or allow you to bring in your own catering company. 

Consider adding some entertainment options as well, such as a DJ or a live band, to be sure that you are going the extra mile with your event. 

When you start speaking to a few different casino party companies, you will also get to see the going rate for the service. Take the time to get some estimates to make sure you’re doing business with the best casino party company, and at a price that is fair. 

Each of their professionals is highly trained at facilitating games, and this will make your event flow smoothly. 

Give Yourself Lots of Time to Put the Event Together and Market It

Don’t make the mistake of rushing your party during the planning process. You are essentially asking people to put up their own money on casino games, so you’ll need to give them enough time to make a decision about their attendance, and plan the party out so that it is enjoyable for everyone involved. 

You can promote your casino party across social media to get people excited about it and to give them the time they need to get their ducks in a row. 

Plan Out a Casino Party For the Ages

When you’d like to make the most out of your casino party idea, these are the suggestions you need to apply. When you want to find nothing but success with your casino party, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

If you are planning out a casino party for the ages, contact a consultant to help you put together your event.