Are you planning a corporate party in the Atlanta area? If so, here are some great types of entertainment that can result in team-building and company bonding:




#1: Magicians for Hire 

Nothing brings people together like laughter, and watching a magic show is a great (family-friendly and corporate-approved) way to get dozens or hundreds of people to laugh, watch and be entertained.



#2: Caricaturists

Because who doesn’t want to see the bosses’ oversized forehead? Plenty of industry hotspots, such as the Denver Press Club, decorate the walls with caricatures of their most prominent members. Why not start a caricature wall at your office, decorated with the drawings that came from the company party?


#3: DJs —

Music sets the mood and tone of any corporate party, and you’ll need more than just an iPod. A great DJ will meet with you before the event to discuss what types of music are appropriate and inappropriate. Throughout the party, the DJ will notice what types of music are preferred by guests (based on whether or not they dance and engage with the sound) and he’ll adjust the music accordingly. He’ll also help coordinate any special features or announcements by timing the music in a way that grab’s people’s attention.


#4: Live Bands in Atlanta 

Want a live musical band, rather than a DJ? You can hire anything from a single pianist to a funky jazz band, from a string quartet to a classic rock band, from an Elvis impersonator to an R&B singer or a steel drum band. The options are literally endless, and Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment can help you narrow down your choices based on the type of tone you’re trying to set.




#5: Casino Games —

Want to play some roulette and win the bosses’ money? Throw a “themed” party. A Las Vegas-style casino theme is always a popular choice, though you could also throw a party with an “Under the Sea” theme or some other style.


#6: Stiltwalkers —

Throwing a daytime corporate party, perhaps at a park or in another outdoor setting? Liven up the scene by hiring stiltwalkers who can come and entertain the crowd. This is a particularly great option if you’re throwing a family corporate party, in which children are welcome.


#7: Dueling Pianos —

Ever been to a dueling piano bar? Two pianists, one on either side, engage in a friendly competition with lots of audience participation and laughter. It’s a great way to entertain your corporate party guests.


#8: Flamenco Guitarists —

Want to insert a little class and culture into your corporate party? Try hiring a flamenco guitarist to provide fiery energy and lots of entertainment.




Most people have attended one or two boring, blase company parties that are easily forgettable. Don’t throw one of these! Liven up your Atlanta corporate party and give your employees something to talk about, bond over, and remember for the rest of the year. A fantastic company party will increase team cohesion and will result in happier, more productive workers that can add to your bottom line.

If you’re interested in getting ideas for a company party, use the tab at the top of the page to contact Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment. Proprietor Jim Tiernan can help you find music or entertainment that suits your company’s atmosphere and style.

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