First of all,  it is a matter of trust. I understand, from recent reports, more and more Americans do not trust each other these days.Well, I am on a one-man crusade to stem that tide. Trust is one of the most important elements of any mutually beneficial business deal. When a wedding planner or a bride to be planning her own wedding contacts me at Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment, the first thing I am thinking about is how can help and instantly instill trust in the caller. I want her to realize that I listen and treat every event as if it were my own.  If it is a wedding, for example,  I am the one that is going to be at that party and enjoying the music.

One such band that really gets the job done is the Atlanta wedding band, Soul Purpose.  This is the band you want at your wedding reception because they have the depth and the experience to pull off a great Motown tune and then turn to a big band dance favorite with unsurpassed skill.   The rehearsed horn section is one of the best around and it is a major feather in the band’s hat is the fact that their guitarist is a veteran of national name touring bands like Gladys Knight, Marvin Gaye and others.

The band’s vocal ability is a pleasant surprise as, once again, the years of honing their skills on stage show through.  For more information and while you are thinking of it, please take a minute and fill out just 4 lines of information and we will get busy for you today!  We have some of the best, most affordable Atlanta bands open and available for your next party or wedding reception. Call us today at 770.457.1955 for a quick response.