Just because you’re choosing to have your wedding in a big city like Atlanta doesn’t mean you need a big wedding. Maybe you only want to celebrate your special day with a few select loved ones to cut costs down. Consider the following pros and cons to having an intimate wedding in Atlanta to help with your decision.

Pro: It Keeps Costs Down

The most obvious benefit to having a smaller wedding is that you won’t have to pay as much. Fewer guests means less you have to shell out for things like food and alcohol. You’ll also be able to choose a smaller, less expensive venue, and you’ll have more money left in the budget to hire a fantastic and memorable musical band or DJ.

Con: Narrowing Guests Down

While having a smaller wedding keeps costs down, it also limits the number of people you can invite. If you have a bigger family or a lot of friends, this may present a problem if everyone expects an invitation. You need to make sure you can narrow your guest list for your Atlanta wedding without offending anyone along the way.

Pro: Less Hassle

Planning a huge wedding takes a lot of coordination and effort on your behalf. It’s also a lot of work for your bridal party — and sometimes, even your guests! Keeping the count down and the venue small means there’s less planning you’ll have to do, less favors to order, less people to cater to, and less stress overall.

Con: Difficulty Booking Venues

Unfortunately, many Atlanta wedding venues require you to guarantee a minimum number of guests. For venues in high demand, this number can be in the hundreds. If you’re planning on having less than 50 guests, finding a suitable vendor may be a little difficult.

Pro: More Time to Celebrate With Loved Ones

This is one of the most rewarding parts of hosting a smaller wedding. Having an intimate Atlanta wedding ensures that you’ll be able to pay your guests plenty of attention without having to make sacrifices. You can visit and interact with everyone while still enjoying the event yourself.

Con: Less “Party” Vibe

Admittedly, big weddings can be fun for the “party” atmosphere of everyone on the dance floor. With a smaller wedding, guests may not be as motivated to take part in the festivities. Fortunately, a fantastic Atlanta DJ can play to the “mood” on the dance floor — encouraging your guests to get up and dance, while also helping your guests enjoy tunes that fit the most natural mood that you’d like to set for your reception.

Whether you want to have a smaller wedding in Atlanta is up to you. It’s your special day.

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