When you’re planning a wedding, there are a lot of details to focus on. You may be worried about the flowers, the officiant, the wedding party attire, and the cake. But have you remembered to book entertainment for your rehearsal dinner?

Having an entertainer at your rehearsal dinner can make the evening more memorable for everyone. Read on to discover how to find the right entertainer for a rehearsal dinner.

Benefits of Having Entertainment at Your Rehearsal Dinner

Before we dive into how to hire entertainment for your rehearsal dinner, let’s talk some about why you should. In general, we think of a rehearsal dinner as a time to mingle with loved ones, give toasts, and prepare for the most important day of your life. And while it certainly is all that, the right entertainment can make it so much more than that. 

When you hire entertainment for your rehearsal dinner, it becomes more of a celebration of your upcoming marriage. A band makes those moments with your closest loved ones feel much more celebratory. A magician brings a sense of wonder and fun to the night, making every part of your wedding process something to remember.

Decide on Your Entertainment Type

The first thing you need to do when planning entertainment for your rehearsal dinner is to decide what sort of entertainment you want. This will depend largely on the sort of rehearsal dinner you want, as well as where you’re having it. Are you having a more formal event or something that’s more lighthearted?

If you’re going for a more formal event, consider hiring a string quartet or some sort of live band. For a more fun-focused dinner, why not hire a DJ to get your wedding party out on the dance floor? You could even hire a magician to wow your family and friends with tricks as magical as your love story. 

Perks of a Band 

There are several good reasons to hire a band for your rehearsal dinner. Having some music in the background can easy any awkward pauses in conversation during your dinner. This can be especially important if you have a blended family or if the two families involved don’t know each other very well.

A live band can also respond to the events at your dinner, acting as a sort of invisible transition between different portions of the dinner. While everyone is eating, they can provide background music, and they can provide a nice energy to drinks before or after dinner.

But they can also cue guests in that it’s time for toasts or even smoothly signal to your drunk uncle that his ten-minute speech needs to end now.

Perks of a DJ

A DJ can provide many of the same benefits as a live band, albeit with a somewhat wider range. You can get music that’s a little more lively for drinks, more sedate for dinner, and just plain fun for dancing and celebrating after dinner. And a DJ can also help to emcee your rehearsal dinner, announcing different parts of your dinner as they come up.

But a DJ can make your rehearsal dinner something custom-tailored to you. They can bring in your favorite songs, provide a wide range of sound effects, and curate a playlist designed specifically for you and your fiancé. You could even pick out a song for you and your partner to dance to as your last dance as an unmarried couple.

Perks of a Magician

If you want your rehearsal to be something you and your wedding party will remember for years to come, there are few better ways to do that than hiring a magician. Unlike bands and DJs, magicians specifically do not fade into the background. They bring sparkle and memorable performance to any event, but especially your rehearsal dinner.

A magician will not act as an emcee as much as a band or DJ will, which makes them ideal for smaller rehearsal dinners. They can also engage your wedding party, making them an active part of the entertainment. Between the wonder of the tricks themselves and the fun surprise of having a magician present at all, your rehearsal dinner will certainly be a night worth remembering.

Set up a Schedule 

Once you’ve decided on what sort of entertainment you want at your rehearsal dinner, you need to set up a schedule for the event. This will be important to give your DJ or band if you’re planning to hire one of them for your dinner. Even if you plan to hire a magician, they’ll need to know what time they should start their act, and you’ll need to know what time they’ll finish. 

In general, rehearsal dinners start with the actual meal itself and then move onto any gifts you’ll be giving your wedding party and parents. You might want to make time for toasts after this; while everyone should have time to say their piece, setting a time limit on this can keep people from rambling too much. Finally, wrap up with dessert and a special show from your entertainment!

Make Reservations in Time

Arguably the most important part of hiring entertainment for your rehearsal dinner is making your reservations in time. Some local entertainers book out months in advance, and you don’t want to get stuck with your second-choice band because you procrastinated. As soon as you have a date for your wedding, start shopping around for rehearsal dinner entertainment.

When you start looking for an entertainer to hire, it’s a good idea to check local booking sites. They’ll have dozens of vetted entertainers with reviews and even sample clips of their work. They’ll help you with the booking process and may help you handle the payment.

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember

Planning a wedding is an exciting process, and getting the right entertainment for a rehearsal dinner can make the evening one to remember. Decide what sort of entertainment you want and set up a schedule so everyone knows what to expect. Then search local booking agencies to find the perfect person to make your night amazing.

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