Part 1
We are sitting down today with Atlanta bagpiper, Steve Thrasher.

B.S.A.: Steve, we understand that the reed and it’s quality used by the bagpipers around the country like yourself today is an essential part of a successful bagpipe performance. Would you agree with that? Tell us a little about your favorite, most dependable reed.

S.T.: The highland bagpipes are a demanding and exacting instrument. The technique required to execute bagpipe fingerings and embellishments is considerable. To enjoy the music of the pipes one must also have the pipes in good tune. Lots of time must be spent in breaking in chanter reeds and tuning the drones to the chanter. Their are a number of good reeds on the market today.

B.S.A.: Tell us a bit about how you fell in love with the instrument – when and where did you first come into contact with the instrument? How long did you study the instrument before being able to confidently play your first “gig”?

S.T.: I’ve always had a “thing” for the great highland bagpipes. Hearing the pipes at annual The Stone Mountain Park Highland Games one Fall was my first real introduction to them. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the last 7 years learning as much as possible on the pipes and really get a kick out of playing for people.

B.S.A.: The tartan colors and patterns that you pick to wear must be worn correctly for different events. Isn’t that true or can one style or configuration suit all?

S.T.: I normally wear the Black Watch tartan when performing for memorial services and funerals. If you are Scottish then it is easy to find your clan tartan online.

B.S.A.: Of all the events that you have done for Blue Sky Atlanta, over the last several six years perfoming the bagpipes, what is one that stands out in your mind from the others in the past several years that was really heartwarming – really touched your heart?

S.T.: There are many I recall, but I had the pleasure honor of piping at the wedding of Rob and Caroline in October 2009 and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve played. The wedding was held at Flint Hill Plantation in Norcross, Georgia.

We wish to thank Steve Thrasher for his time on this first of a two-part interview/post and we hope that you, our blog readers, found this information informative and educational. Mr. Thrasher is available to appear at Wedding Ceremonies, Memorials, Golf Tournament Starts, National holidays and Grand Openings throughout the southeast.

For over the last 25 years, Steve has performed drums and vocals with one of Blue SKy Atlanta’s most popuar Atlanta wedding music bands, BLUE SKY. be continued.