Planning a birthday party at home for your little one? To avoid hectic and elaborate planning, adopt a few simple and fun ideas and start a new trend in your family and circle.  

Prepare simple DIY supplies. 

Make simple party supplies using whatever you have on hand like paper plates, ribbon, balloon, dot stickers etc. Be a little creative and make some inexpensive DIY decorated supplies for your party.

Apply your creative ideas to make unique birthday items like a decorated birthday chair for the birthday baby, birthday banner and painted cake plates.

 Find Budget Solutions:

DIY ideas are pocket-friendly, hence applying them in your birthday party won’t inflate your budget like a wedding.

Explore Low-Cost or No-Cost activities for the party:

Get some ideas about the games and activities for the kids, which are either cost-effective or absolutely free. Treasure hunt is a much popular activity for kids amongst all party games. Try some free activities and games instead of hiring event entertainment which will save a ton. E.g Duck, duck, goose, musical chair, Keep-Up-The-Balloon, Three legged race, Hot Potato etc.

Internet, books, DVD library are some of the important source of ideas for free activities.

For toddlers and pre-schoolers, a story-telling session is the best way to settle them down.

Think Out Of the Box for Return Gifts:

Be innovative and try some fun ideas to make party gifts more attractive.

  • Put jelly beans or candies in a sandwich baggie, tie it and glue it with ribbons and colourful pom-poms.
  • Colorful plastic CD covers make great pen holders and cookie holder.
  • Pack some craft items like fabrics, papers, kids-friendly scissors, markers, glitters, mini glue bottle and kids will simply love these take-home craft kits.

Arrange Some Entertainment for Kids:

A party without entertainment doesn’t sound great. Tap your community resources and the kids’ parents for both musical and non-musical entertainment. They may happily agree to show their hidden talents in the party. Clowns, magicians, caricaturists, musicians make some wonderful options for a children’s birthday party entertainment.