With the arrival of a $1bn mega-casino on the horizon, it won’t be long before Atlanta is
hit by a dose of gambling fever. While there are still a few hurdles to pass, the city is
already gripped in anticipation at the prospect of going all-in, in their hometown.
If you’re looking to host a party to remember then now may be the time to capitalize on
that excitement and try your hand at a casino-themed event. Here are some fun ideas to
get you started.


DJs, bands, and other live musicians are a sure-fire way to create a specific
atmosphere at your party. Whether you want the atmosphere to be lively and fun, or
suave and sophisticated is your choice – but music can be the key to realizing your

Live entertainment

Music isn’t the only way to create an atmosphere. The best casinos know that variety is

what many audiences are looking for and bringing something to the table that no one
has seen before can be a real gamechanger. Hiring live performers like comedians,
hypnotists, and magicians can provide that special effect that you might be looking for.

Dress Codes

Another interesting aspect that you can add to a casino-themed party is to suggest a
dress code. Gambling has a long and illustrious history and associations with different
time periods. You could make your party Wild West Themed, or go full Roaring
The twenties with flapper dresses and pinstripe suits, suggests Vintage Dancer.


Your dress code can be reflected in the way you decorate the room too. Pick up some
inflatable cacti and decorate your own saloon signs for that Wild West party, or keep
things glamorous with a red carpet and champagne reception.

Food and Drink

Refreshments are key to a good party. If you’ve planned your party right then all that
fancy dress planning will have left your guests with quite the appetite. Action-packed
casino parties don’t tend to be a sit-down meal kind of event and light buffet style finger
food and appetizers should usually suffice.


Now that you’ve dealt with the atmosphere, food, and decorations, let’s get to the main
event – the games. A casino night is nothing without a top selection of party games, so
be sure to include at least two of the following.

1 – Poker

Encourage your guests to try out their poker face as they battle against their peers to
win chips. Each player is dealt five cards. Players then place their first bet. Cards are
discarded and replaced by the dealer to improve the hand. The second bet is then
placed and players reveal their hand, with the highest scorer taking the pot.

2 – Roulette

If you’re looking for an entry-level game that’s easy to pick up then roulette may be what
you’re looking for. Gala Casino explains in a piece on roulette etiquette that there are
several varieties of the game. These include European Roulette, Double Ball, and Multi-
Wheel to name a few. However, American Roulette is the game that most of us know

and love. Here, a ball is rolled onto a spinning horizontal wheel divided into
compartments, with players betting on which color or number slot the ball will come to
rest in.

3 – Bingo

For a relaxed, low-stakes game, why not try bingo? Bingo is especially great for charity
events or fundraisers and family-friendly events.


Throwing a casino party that lives long in the memory is all about covering the basics. If
you follow these steps above, then whether your guests win or lose on the night, they’ll
have truly hit the jackpot.