The search is on for your wedding ceremony musicians and you haven’t a clue what costs you are going to encounter.  Given that you have been to a wedding in the last two years and, in the back of your mind, you filed away the thought that if you ever got married, those beautiful strings would also be performing at you!

Strings make beautiful any classic wedding ceremony and eception
Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven and, of course, Pachelbel and Handel are usually the most requested selections from their repertoire.  The years of practice and performance experience spells a choice that you count on to perform the notesflawlessly on the page. Some quartets have instruments that are electric and they can be heard all over a large ballroom. If your ceremony is outside, I have known some string players to have a special “outside” instruments meant to stand up to the elements and, perhaps, keep the instrument in better tune in the heat of a summer afternoon.

We have wedding musicians in Atlanta who regularly will travel all over Georgia.  All that needs to be provided for them is a covered area sheltered from the hot sun or that other possibility should the wedding ceremony take place outside.  Inside or out, they will need three or four chairs without arms provided for them.

So, here’s the bottom line!  Depending on the level of musicianship and experience, generally speaking one can expect to incur costs (per hour) that fall in the neighborhood of between $200 to $350 per player for an Atlanta wedding string trio or a quartet. (We have summer specials going on that may cut these costs if you mention this post!)

My father and brother were violinists. I have always been partial to strings for weddings. They are such a lovely touch and the impression they make on any wedding guest and hosts alike is undeniably beautiful.