Those who laugh together feel happy and bond together! Whether it’s thanks to corporate comedians, another funny person or a hilarious situation, it’s true.

Ask researchers at Oxford University who tell us that laughter releases those feel-good endorphins. In fact, 15 minutes of laughter can raise your pain threshold, and it works better if you laugh with others! 

Other scientists tell us that laughter creates bonds socially. They attribute it to those wonderful endorphins and say that it makes you feel safe and more connected to each other. Laughter also gives you a physical health boost, protecting your heart by reducing inflammation!

So, whether you want your guests and team to get a blast of feel-good endorphins, bond more tightly, get a tiny anti-inflammatory heart-health boost, or simply be fabulously entertained, hiring a corporate comedian is a good bet. 

Let’s take a closer look at how corporate comedians will make your events run more smoothly and make them pop. 

A Great Time

Your team works hard. Your team focuses hard during crunch time. Your team, like other teams, performs best when it gets to play hard too. 

And that’s just in the workplace — where research shows play not only boosts productivity and creativity but can boost your bottom line with a decrease in the cost of health care and lost workdays and decrease stress. So, at your event, your team really just wants to enjoy themselves, even if it’s an event where work is on the agenda too.

A comedian can be there just for jokes and fun and it’s a huge win-win with all the other benefits. 

Team Engagement

Corporate comedians will get up and do stand-up comedy jokes, and they’ll make sure they’re clean jokes for work events if you want.

But when comedians perform, there’s an active give and take with the audience. They’re not up there with a flow chart and business plan — unless it’s part of their act or they want to do a work joke to get that beautiful laugh-at-yourself pressure release going.

No, they’re up there to engage your people. They ask questions, get opinions, and even sometimes ask for suggestions. And as your team laughs together, they feel a part of it all. 

Also, if you go the improv comedy route, your team can even be a part of the show with simple — and very fun and easy — games and activities, sure to make people laugh, take down walls, build confidence, and get to know each other better.

Corporate Culture

Bringing a corporate comedian into your event tells your team and other guests something about you as a company and your culture.

Like, it might tell them that you value humor and play, that you think your team is brilliant and will value some clever wit, and that you’re in tune with today’s culture!

It might tell them that you want your team to be happy, that you’re paying attention to them, and that you’re smart enough to know that laughter and play is a win-win for all. 

It might tell them that you’re not just PowerPoints, morning meetings, bottom lines, and paychecks. You’re all of those things and more! You’re in tune with real life, new ideas, and humor.

And you also are in tune with the cutting-edge of business and leadership skills because you know that humor in those areas boosts success.

Leadership Skills

Did you ever notice how when some of the top political and business leaders speak, they infuse their oration with humor? Just listen to a Ted Talk by a leader in your field. The likelihood of hearing a few jokes and laughs is high.

Successful leaders find a rhythm in their dealings that flows smoothly between serious items and humor. As mentioned before, it makes the people they’re interacting with or talking to feel connected and safe. It makes them trustworthy.

This holds for people in all parts of your team too. So, bringing a comedian into your event promotes humor in your organization.

And if you’re having a team-building, planning or other more serious event and you bring improv comedy or other activities to engage your team, you’ll be taking it a step further and encouraging new and useful skills everyone can take back with them to work and in life.

Energy Boost

When you watch stellar comedians on stage doing their thing, you can just feel the energy exploding throughout the room. People are happy and the laughter boosts it up a notch.

It’s like a pep rally in high school and your team will remember that and everyone will take it with them, building and boosting company spirit. 

The Best Party Ever

Comedians aren’t boring. Shrimp cocktail and martinis? That can get boring, especially if you’ve been to a million parties and events that are all the same.

You want to create a memorable experience. Mix it up for your team. A comedian will bring new jokes every time. A comedian will talk about what’s happening now. A comedian will tell jokes that your team can laugh about again the next day.

And if you take it that step further to work with your comedian to really involve your guests, it really will be the best party or event ever. 

Corporate Comedians for Your Events

Now that you know how fabulous corporate comedians can make your events, you’re ready to find your ideal funny person for your next company party, meeting, conference, team-building retreat, or other activity.

Feel free to give us a call to start. We’ve been bringing Atlanta entertainment for over two decades and we’re here to help you find the ideal comedian just for you!