Sometimes parties bring together people from a wide range of ages. Whether it’s a family reunion, a Fourth of July barbeque or a two-year-old’s birthday party (with parents in tow), these gatherings require some extra planning to make sure guests of all ages are entertained.

Here are some top tips to keep everyone entertained and happy:

Have Different Age-Appropriate Activities


You can’t expect everyone to be amused by the same things. Bringing everyone together to enjoy each other’s company should also involve separating the age groups so everyone can have maximum fun. Your best bet is to include plenty of options for both kids and adults to enjoy themselves.



Some starter ideas:


  • bounce house
  • arts and crafts
  • coloring books
  • water balloons
  • face painting
  • obstacles course
  • musical chairs
  • scavenger hunt


  • horseshoes
  • cornhole
  • ladder ball
  • board/card games
  • Charades/Pictionary

Allow Room for Down Time

While you don’t want young kids getting bored, you also don’t want to over-schedule them.

Overscheduling can be overwhelming for kids, plus it often requires adult oversight, which keeps grownups

from enjoying the parties themselves.

Make sure you have a good mix of pre-planned activities and time for kids to just be kids. Sometimes, providing them with a large open space, some basic toys and their imaginations is enough. Kids are great at amusing themselves.


Make Separate Menus

Kids are generally pickier than adults, and if you ignore that fact, you’re going to have some hungry tummies and grumpy guests on your hands.

You don’t need to plan two grand, complex menus; just have a few options on hand that most kids will like.

Some great kid-friendly menu items:

  • hot dogs / pigs in a blanket
  • chicken fingers
  • macaroni and cheese
  • grilled cheese
  • mini pizzas

Word to the wise: If you’ve got separate “adult” and “non-adult” drinks, make sure the two are very clearly labeled. (It’s best to put the “adult” drinks out of reach of kids looking to serve themselves.)



Designate “Play” and “Conversation” Areas

The best locations for an all-ages party have plenty of space for everyone to do their own thing. You don’t want shouts and stray balls from rowdy children’s games interrupting grownup conversations or people trying to eat. Ideally, the conversation areas will be within sight with the play areas, so that adults can enjoy each other’s company while still keeping an eye on the little ones.


Appoint a Babysitter

If you want to provide the adults with some time to unwind when they don’t have to play watchdog, consider hiring a babysitter to supervise the kids’ playroom/areas. If you have a tween or teen guests who’d like some babysitting practice, make good use of the opportunity.

Set Aside a Quiet Room

Whether young guests need a time-out or a diaper change, it’s a good idea to have a separate room set aside from the main party for parents who need to attend to delicate tasks away from the crowd.

Keep the Music PG

Music can set the mood for a great party, but make sure you retain control over what’s being broadcast to your guests.  A Savannah, GA Wedding DJ will have the perfect touch. It may theoretically seem like a good idea to set the stereo to the local Top 40 station, until the latest club jam comes on and your kindergartner tries to start twerking with the older kids.

It’s best to get a DJ or a musical bands for hire that can play at your party. They’ll provide entertainment that appeals to both children and adults alike. They’ll know to keep it “Rated G” or “Rated PG,” and they can respond dynamically to the crowd.