Are you throwing a multicultural wedding? If so, how do you plan it? How can you keep your guests happy, well-fed and entertained? How can you meet people’s expections? And how can you make your wedding personal — with a focus on the bride and groom — when you’re balancing family expectations?

Here are some tips for planning a multicultural wedding.


1. Find the right venue. If both you and your groom come from two completely different cultures, chances are your families religious traditions will also differ. If this is the case than communicate what it means to be married in your childhood temple, synagogue or church, perhaps do two different ceremonies for each of you. Or pick a neutral venue like a historic site or an outdoor space. Read more: Finding a great Atlanta wedding venue.

2. Bring on the food. Coming from different cultures often means a slew of cultural delicacies. Why not include different dishes from both sides of the family at dinner? Perhaps there is a well known appetizer dish from the groom’s side and a famous cultural dinner dish from the bride’s side. Including the cultural food will also make the family feel more welcome.

3. Mix up the music. Many cultures have traditional wedding dances and music that are part of the wedding celebration. Include these traditions from both sides and get everyone, regardless of cultural background, out on the dance floor to participate. It makes for a much more interesting wedding.

4. Entertainment. Some cultures are well-known for their traditional dancing, like belly dance or folk dance. Others are famous for their classical musical instruments, like the sitar or tabla. If your culture includes these dances or musical instruments, consider including them for both their entertainment and cultural value.

5. Dress and gowns. Different cultures mean different style of clothing. If you groom’s cultural tradition includes a certain style of dress for brides make a point to wear it. If you choose to do two separate ceremonies you can wear the different dresses to symbolize the bond you have and the two cultures becoming one.

6. Incorporate the cultures on the wedding invitations. Before the wedding actually takes place, you need to set the mood for guests and let them know what to expect at the wedding. If you are a bilingual couple why not make your invitations with a flair for both cultures and languages. You can either send the invitations out in both languages or perhaps decide on a simple style that represents the cultures.

7. Include traditional colors into the reception and ceremony. If certain colors represent the color of the culture the bride or groom comes from that make it one of your main colors. You can use that color for your wedding flowers, bouquets, and even bridesmaids dresses.

8. Make wedding favors multicultural. Instead of focusing on cutesy gifts, give favors out that represent your groom’s culture and your own. That way guests feel included regardless of where they came from.

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