Going to host a New Year party for your corporate clients this year? Hire one of the top event planning companies and ask them for different options that are cost-effective, yet doesn’t compromise the entertainment value of the event. Whether it’s a small firm or a large company, you need to focus more on your business aspect, keeping a balance between fun and content. The planners need to design corporate new year parties in such a way that it retains its charm without hitting the budget too hard or creating any negative impact on the guests mind. Here are some budget friendly tips that would help to create an event this year without upsetting your employees, clients or business partners. 

Combine New Year Party with the Awards Program

Recognize your top performers’ contribution for the whole year during the party. This will help to associate your party with more materialistic benefits, without spoiling the fun element of the holiday party. Your employees will get a boost up looking forward to a great new year ahead. 

Choose the Menu and Caterer:


Eliminate extravagant food options from the party menu to make it more cost-effective. Focus more on providing good and elaborate appetizers and starters rather than the main course meal.

Choose an excellent and experienced caterer and ask them about your plan. These simple tips will help to save heavily in your food expenditure.

Include Seasonal Fruits and Veggies in the Menu:

While planning menu items for the party, eliminate out of season fruits and veggies which will cost more than the seasonal items. As it’s the winter season, opting for seasonal items will not only help the budget but are also fresh and tasteful.


Avoid Full Servings, Bring in Mini-Deserts:

Most guests prefer mini desserts after a full meal. Hence, don’t keep full servings on menu to avoid costly waste and let the guests have some bite-size portion.

Host a Lunch or Casual Dinner During Weekdays:

A lunch or casual dinner on weekday will be more cost-effective than a weekend dinner party. For a lunch party you need not arrange full meals or beverages for the guests and if it on weekday, you can easily limit your guests almost into half cutting the overall cost significantly.

Eliminate or Limit Alcohol from Menu:

Most companies are either eliminating alcohol completely from their menu or limiting it to one or two drinks only. This will save the cost of an open bar as well as lower the risk of providing unlimited alcohol to the party guests.

Book Live music and entertainment for the Party

Music and entertainment is the most interesting part of a New Year party. So get a DJ hire or book live bands to add thrill and excitement to the atmosphere. Some other options may include photo booth, caricaturists etc. For background score, play your own iPod or explore other options to lower the cost.


Opt for Digital Party Invitation:

Go digital and save printing cost on invitation cards.  Send updates and reminders to the guests digitally and also make the photos and videos online.

Use these tips for your New Year Party this year and this is going to be your best paty ever that too within budget!