Location, food, and atmosphere. These are three of the most important elements of any successful party or event.

And what better way to set the mood for a good time than with unique entertainment ideas? 

Not only can the right artist help guests let loose, but they also compliment some fun and unique themed party ideas.

Ready to plan an epic party or event that’ll have your guests talking for months?

Grab your party checklist and let’s take a look at 10 unique entertainment ideas that’ll leave a lasting impression.

1. Magicians

Magicians aren’t just for kid’s parties anymore. The trend is quickly catching on with adults, as well — and for good reason!

Magicians are mysterious, fun, and entertaining. They make the perfect addition to any holiday party or corporate event. Most artists bring all their own props and are experts at getting the crowd involved.

Whether they’re pulling a rabbit out of their hat or wowing guests with illusions and card tricks, magicians bring excitement and wonder to any get-together. 

2. Comedians

They say laughter is the best medicine — and what better way to help your guests let loose than with a talented comedian? 

Plan a comedy night and showcase several comics back-to-back. Choose a variety of artists including comedic ventriloquists, mimes, and a traditional stand-up comedian. 

Corporate events are the perfect backdrop for a comedy show. Here, employees can kick-back, relax, and get to know one another on a more personal level as they connect over fits of laughter.

Throwing a milestone birthday party? Let the comedian take playful jabs at the guest of honor for a “roast” style celebration

3. Caricaturists

What better way to memorialize an epic party than by sending guests home with a memento? Caricaturists create fun and unique pictures in both color and black and white.

Most caricaturists can capture individuals, couples, or even groups all in one picture. Choose a theme or let guests select their own backdrop for the final product. 

Guests will love watching the caricaturists draw their family and friends, while the subject patiently waits for the reveal! Add an element of playfulness to your next bash by hiring a caricaturist or cartoonist. 

4. Impersonators

What themed-party is complete without an impersonator? Why should young kids have all the fun with characters at their parties like Spiderman or Sleeping Beauty? 

Hiring an Elvis impersonator is a fun addition to any Vegas-themed party or a casino night. Have the entertainer greet guests at the door, take photos, and perform.

Impersonators provide a focal point for your party alongside musical entertainment!

5. Street Performers 

Planning an outdoor party? Want entertainment at every turn? Why not hire a few street performers to mingle between guests?

Jugglers are fun and fascinating to watch. Some are even considered daredevils as they juggle swords, flames, and other dangerous items.

Hire a stilt-walker to fit your party’s theme. Sword swallowers and mimes are also fun additions for picnics, graduation parties or corporate and promotional events.

6. Pianists

Are you planning a more formal event? Nothing exudes elegance and creates more ambiance than a pianist. 

These musical masterminds can set the perfect mood for a large-scale event or intimate gathering. Allow guests to make requests or give the artist a hand-selected playlist. 

Pianists can play background music at a cocktail party or be the main attraction at a holiday party. Get the guests involved with a few sing-a-longs! 

A piano player is another popular choice for romantic events like receptions and weddings. There’s something classic and soothing about an artist tickling the ivories while guests mingle and socialize.

7. Harpists

While this might seem like a non-traditional choice for musical entertainment, harpists bring an air of elegance and romance to any event.

Wedding receptions, engagement or anniversary parties, and other upscale events are the ideal backdrop for a harpist. Holiday parties are another popular choice for harps and other stringed instruments including flutes and violins.

Some artists double as vocalists. Consider a harpist as background music or the main entertainment for your next intimate gathering.

8. Jazz Musician

Jazz music is upbeat, fast-paced, and the perfect way to get guests on their feet! The iconic sound of a saxophone or trumpet is guaranteed to liven up any size party. Some jazz musicians are talented vocalists as well.

Developed from blues music, jazz is a unique entertainment option for a themed party, banquet, convention, or conference. A popular choice at restaurants and hotels, jazz music is lively and appealing to guests of all ages and backgrounds.

Hire a jazz band for your next Mardis Gra get-together!

9. Band in a Box

Everyone loves a live band. Some groups play classic hits while others stick to their own unique creations. Either way, live music gets guests up, dancing, and having fun.

Want to take this classic entertainment choice and turn it on its head? Swap the stage for an oversized box where the band can divide into different compartments. 

Each band member can stand in their own box, stacked up on top and diagonal from one another. This unique entertainment idea is contingent on the amount of equipment the band has, as well as the size and available space of the venue. 

10. Underwater Entertainment

While we’re not suggesting you host your party under the sea, you can offer the mystery and wonder of underwater entertainment on dry land.

Whether you’re hosting an elaborate adult event or a children’s undersea themed party, a mermaid is a perfect addition. Mermaid entertainers swim in large containers of water to delight and amaze guests.

Complete with detailed costumes, make-up, and choreographed moves, these are some of the most amazing and unique entertainers in the biz.

Think synchronized swimming with a twist of fantasy and allure.

Hire Unique Entertainment for a Memorable Event

Are you planning a personal or work-related event? Are you tired of the same-old parties?

Hire some of these unique entertainment options for an epic party that guests won’t soon forget.

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