An incentive award programme is an occasion to acknowledge the contribution of employees in the growth of any organisation. This also encourages them to work continuously in a positive direction and produce desired outcome for the business. An ill-planned and wrongly implemented program can go wrong anytime even if it is undertaken with good intention, leaving your HR wondering about what went wrong with it. One should therefore need to follow some standard to reap benefit out of such events in favour of the company. To achieve maximum benefit out of an incentive award programme, make sure that the event is on the right track by following these simple tips.


Take Everyone into Account

Consider all employees eligible for recognition, particularly when the nature of responsibility is entirely different for each of them. It’s the nature of your business depending on which you need to decide whether multiple recognition programs for individual departments or for individual jobs has to be created.


Specify Eligibility criteria:



The employees should have clear idea about the criteria for the recognition so that they perform in the desired way throughout the year. The employers too want that maximum number of employees attain this eligibility as this is directly related to the overall performance of the business.


Set the Goals Clearly and Provide Equal Opportunity to All:


Set realistic goals that are attainable and employees across all the departments and levels should get equal opportunity and a fair chance to earn awards. Otherwise, it may spread negativity among the employees and de-motivate them in attaining the objective. The rules should apply to all whether it’s management, senior leaders or front-line employees.


Recognition Programs Should Be Frequent and On-Time:

Regular incentives are more effective than monthly or annual rewards that encourage the employees to work harder each passing day throughout the year. Delayed programs often create frustration among the employees as they lose hope to achieve their dues and even when they get it after long time, they hardly find any interest. An instant reward like a pat on the back, a gift certificate or a surprise lunch is more benefitting than long awaited reward ceremonies.

Invest in Relevant and Meaningful Rewards:

The token of appreciation given away to the employees should be relevant and meaningful. For that, try to figure out what type of rewards would truly excite and benefit your employees. Otherwise the investment will be unfruitful.



Seek Regular Feedback:



Regular feedback is an important source of communication between the upper management and the middle that is close to the employees. This gives you an opportunity to know what kind of incentives is preferred by the employees. Apart from the official recognition which is more like a formal event, they often like to celebrate informal events like a family day, Christmas party, employee’s birthday celebration or company anniversary that gives them immense pleasure which is equivalent to incentives. Be it an official recognition, lucrative incentives or unofficial celebrations, whatever allure the employees must be considered while planning a reward programme.


Simple Strategies Lead to Better Performance



Follow some simple tricks and they do wonder in favour of the company. What is needed is just a proper strategy and planning with good intention. Arrange a party, invite families of the employees, offer some good food and drinks, games for kids and ladies, book musical entertainment or live bands for hire and see the real result. This often proves to be equally, if not more, productive and effective in motivating employee’s activities in the desired direction.

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