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Intrigued? Read on! Our trade show display ideas will help you accomplish all of these goals with ease.

Trade shows offer an exciting opportunity for your business to connect with prospective leads, build your brand and grow your customer base significantly. In order to accomplish the goals above, establishing a trade show marketing plan ahead of time is critical in designing your exhibit booth and capturing attention among a sea of your competitors fighting for the same goal. From startups on small budgets to established brands, first impressions are everything.

Trade Show Marketing and Display Ideas

Trade Show Booth Design – It’s all in the details.

Booth design is an integral part of your trade show marketing plan and should not be overlooked. The biggest mistake companies can make in designing their space is lack of innovation. The more modern your display, the more contemporary your company is perceived to be. Think outside of the box, use your company branding and don’t be afraid to try something bold.

Not sure where to begin? Consider implementing one or several of the booth design ideas below into your marketing plan.

  • Small budget? Covering your table in a cloth that is bright or one that matches your business colors is an easy way to draw the eye. If the budget allows, have a custom cover created to showcase your logo and company branding.
  • Use a tablet or, if possible a large screen to display high quality images of products or services your business offers.
  • Utilize large, eye catching graphics and signage to stand out in the crowded exhibition space and remember to limit your messaging on large graphics to a slogan or short phrase. The more words, the less likely to be read.
  • If possible, hang tall banners or use lighting that can be seen above your booth to capture attention from a distance.
  • Offer refreshments that have an enticing aroma or are visually stimulating, such as coffee, baked goods or a colorful and inviting candy display.
  • Engage visitors by conducting live demonstrations of your products or services if applicable.
Trade Show Display Ideas to Excite and Entertain.

So, you’ve designed your booth, but you want to make sure you can’t be missed. Or maybe you’ve attended the same trade show for years and are looking for a way to re-energize your existing display? It’s time to call in the pros! Live entertainers for hire are experts in capturing and keeping the attention of a wide variety of people which means boosted traffic to your booth and an ice breaking conversation starter between your business and prospective clients. Your event performer may even be able to incorporate your business collateral or product information into their act to facilitate your sales initiatives and marketing goals.

Click on the type of performer you’re interested in to find out more about adding their services to your trade show booth!

Non-Musical Entertainment / Variety Acts       




*Stilt Walkers


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