Are you planning for Valentine’s Day? Then you must be wondering like most people at the moment that what would be the best surprise gift for your loved one this year? What should you buy to make her/him feel excited while receiving it?

Don’t let her/his excitement get spoil with the same conventional valentine’s gifts like chocolates, flowers or perfumes.  They of course make great Valentine’s Day gifts, but they are quite predictable and the effects last for a very short time. Some people even arrange musicians for hire on a romantic date on valentines day. But I would suggest you to choose to gift something that will remain functional for a longer time reminding your partner about the day.

Now when you’ve decided to gift something unique to your love, next thing you need to know is some great ideas and I would suggest you not to follow the conventional route for gifting. Instead go for a tech item/gadget that would he/she would love to use.

If you know your partner very well and know his/her taste, then picking something according to his/her choice should not be a problem. But if you are not sure about his/her taste, then follow these useful tips for some great gifting ideas on Valentine’s Day this year.

Some unique and innovative tech gifts ideas of 2018 are:

  1. Shure SE215 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones along with Bluetooth Enabled Communication Cable. Priced at $149, its perfect for long gym workouts.
  2. Belkin Pocket Power 10K Power Bank at $39.99 to charge up your gadgets like, headphones, phones, smartwatch etc.
  3. Now available in coral hue colour, 5Google Home Mini in Coral, $49 will keep you updated on everything from the latest weather, traffic and recipe. Set reminders, control smart home devices, stream live music, and manage your calendar with this little wonder.
  4. The Heart Songs headphone splitter will let you share your favourite music with your better half by plugging two sets of headphones into one device.
  5. If your partner is a foodie or a great cook, 16 Hurom HP Slow Juicer at $299 will be the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. It’s a compact juicer that also makes smoothies, milkshakes
  6. You may gift your love a Perry Ellis, the latest tech wallet with Bluetooth tracking technology.

Tech items may sound unromantic as they do spoil romantic moments sometimes, but they can be the perfect gift to satisfy the personality of your dear ones.