Plan Your Gala According to Your Budget:





A well-planned budget will help you to determine the projected as well as actual cost incurred for the event and it is advisable to keep your charity gala within budget to ensure ROI. Keep a track on every expense incurred during the process and each of the expenses documented in order to get realistic budget figure.  It should be one of the early steps in the planning process so that donations and sponsorships are achieved well in advance, much before the big day.


Check out the multiple options available for fund-raising:


There are some popular options through which people can donate for your charity program during the gala, as per their own preference. They are:

Donation Kiosks, where people can donate by cash or credit cards.

Text-to-Give is a virtual option for fund raising through mobile phones.

Mobile-Friendly Donation Forms are the most common tool of fund raising.

Live Charity Auction works great with galas where guests can bid on their favorite items.

A charity raffle is a better option when you have limited time to plan an auction.


Use Software for Better Management of the Gala Event:



Using fund raising software to track and manage an event helps to run the event smoothly and often makes it great experience for the guests and supporters of the charity organisations.

There are a few softwares that offer various tools like:

Reporting and analytics tracking

Registration & RSVP



Seating and table arrangements

Guests attendance


Surprise and Delight Guests



Major donors and other funders likely attend fundraising events similar to your gala all of the time. If you don’t show them something new or remind them why they support you, you risk missing out on much-needed funds.

Book a band or live entertainment for your charity gala at Blue Sky Atlanta.