A retirement dinner is an occasion when a person is acknowledged and honored for his lifetime contribution and achievements in a particular organization where he worked. Hence, it’s a special party where the people who spent good time with the guest of honor for so many years, bid farewell to him in style. Make sure that the retiree should return home with fond memories and happy feelings at heart. For that the most essential part of such event is party planning and to make it a lifetime party, here are some useful tips to follow:


Prepare the Guest List:


The first thing to do is to prepare the guest list which should include names of his co-workers, friends, family members and all those people whom the retiree has a close relationship with. To avoid any kind of mistake, talk to the guest of honour personally about people who have special place in his life or people who have been close to him through his entire life or at any stage of his work life. This is the most crucial step of the party because the theme, entertainment, decoration and other elements of the party would be decided upon who would feature in your guest list.



Choose The Right Theme:



Choose a party theme that is inspiring and liked by the guests. It should perfectly fit the occasion based on which the décor, food and other things will be decided.



Fix a date and venue:



Choose a date, probably a weekend holiday if most of the invitees in the list are still working or any weekday if the list is filled with retirees only. Next, choose a suitable timing and a venue that will have ample space to accommodate the guests and to hold activities.



Send Invitations well in advance:



Choose party invitations carefully that should represent the party theme in words or in graphics. Also, don’t forget to mention about the dress code if there is any and the number of guests expected to be present in the party.


Maintain a Checklist:


It is important to keep a check on the things you will need for the party like cake, drinks, photographer, seating arrangements, music, decors and many other party supplies which people often miss at the last minute.



Hire Musical / non-musical Entertainment:



Choose some good old musical entertainment for the party to recreate the magic of those golden time. Hiring a DJ or cover band is fine but a 80’s tribute band, or rock band for hire will be more entertaining considering the age group of the guests. Alternatively, non-musical entertainers can also make a good choice for such party entertainment. Hire a comedian or magician for a fun-filled event. End of the day, both the retiree and his guests should return home with a true spirit and happy feelings at heart.


Keep the Decor Simple and Elegant:





We would suggest you to keep it minimal as the focus should not shift from the retiree person, unless asked by the person himself. Simple decors with a few tables and chairs should be enough for such party where the retiree himself or herself is the main attraction. After all, it is the time when a person has to plan for a new beginning!