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Valentine’s Day is a day that romantics have celebrated and showed love and affection for their significant others for over 1,000 years. I remember one year receiving a call from a gentleman who wanted Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment to provide a strolling violinist to come to a restaurant where he was taking his girlfriend to propose marriage. We asked the violinist to stay out of sight until he popped the question. You can imagine the look of shock on the young lady’s face when the violinist walked out playing one of the themes from Phantom of the Opera and her boyfriend dropped to one knee with ring in hand.

If your plan is to have something more private yet still very romantic, a wedding harpist might be a great idea or of course there is the old standby, solo pianist. No piano, no problem as many of our pianists have their own electronic keyboard to bring that now sound just like the real thing.  Electric pianos have come a long way over the last 15 years. Now I have to say, I like  all of these ideas but, of course, I am somewhat biased.  Extravagant you say? Life is short my friends.

Now, if you want are thinking about a more European feel, then perhaps you could  choose a strolling accordionist playing just like they do on the streets of Paris.  You can’t get any more romantic than that!