Ah, February 14th!

A day for showing your friends and family how much they mean to you, satisfying your sweet tooth without regret and of course, the occasional (sometimes cheesy) romantic gesture! If your Valentine’s day includes a classroom party, grown up gathering, or even a simple meal shared with family at home, we’ve affectionately put together 5 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas to ensure you experience a fun, love filled (and at times, cheesy) day! Consider this post an early Valentine from us to you!


Be Creative With Menu Planning


There is something delightfully smile inducing about a plate of heart shaped foods! Create heart shaped pancakes, cookies, cupcakes and sandwiches all with the help of cookie cutters featuring heart designs. No time to buy a cookie cutter? Form strips of bacon heart shapes prior to cooking them in the oven or make a big heart shaped pizza. No matter what heart shaped food you choose to create, the result is a meal made with love that is equally as fun to prepare as it is to eat!



Sip on a Pink Drink!

Serve a refreshing Shirley Temple at the kid’s table. Just add a splash of grenadine to a glass of sprite and top with a cherry! Need a more grown up Valentine’s party drink option? The “Frenchy” is a sweet and refreshing pink Valentine cocktail recipe perfect for your adult guests!

  • 1 1/2 oz Pear Vodka
  • 3 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 1 oz Cranberry Juice


Add vodka and pineapple juice to a chilled rocks glass, then top with cranberry. Refreshingly sweet!


Dress Up The Tables

Whether preparing a romantic meal for two, hosting a Valentine’s Day luncheon or surprising the kids, decorating the table is an easy way to brighten your party or home on Valentine’s Day. Keep your design simple by setting the table with a solid red tablecloth and a centerpiece of red roses, or tap into your inner DIY designer and create your own table runner! To make the DIY table runner below you’ll need a long strip of burlap, craft paints and heart shaped stencils. Click here for step by step instructions.


Set The Mood With Music

A party without music is unimaginable, specially if the occasion is Valentines Day! Book live party bands for hire to entertain your guests of all ages. Make sure their song list includes soft romantic tunes as well as some rock and jazz dance numbers and fun songs for the kids too.

Make your own playlist featuring music the greatest love songs and heartfelt ballads of all time to set the mood by filling your event with romantic melodies. Live music can transform the atmosphere of an entire event and take your Valentine’s Day party from good to amazing with ease!


Give Out Valentines

No Valentine’s day party is complete without Valentine’s to pass out! Create your own or buy festive cards from the store and personalize each one with a heartfelt note, and of course, you can’t forget the candy! Have your own Valentine’s Day tradition or a special party idea you’d like to share with us? Follow us on Facebook and tell us how you celebrate this love filled day!