What if you could make your next Atlanta party the event of the season?

The beating heart of a great wedding or party is a good DJ. If you want your event to truly be off the hook, you need to know who the best party DJs and wedding DJs are.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a complete guide to the hottest DJs in the area. Keep reading to learn all about it!

Wedding DJs: A Note About Pricing

We’ve put together a complete guide to the best wedding and party DJs in the ATL. Part of our guide includes specific prices.

These prices represent the most popular price point among users. Obviously, weddings and parties can vary in size, complexity, length of the ceremony, and so on.

This means the price you end up paying may be more or less than the given amount. In all instances, we recommend you contact DJs you are interested in and request a quote. By asking you specific questions, the DJ will be able to provide a price that fully considers your various needs.

With that caveat out of the way, here are our picks for the hottest Atlanta DJs!

Bow Tied Weddings

If you need a DJ for a wedding, then you want someone who truly specializes in their craft. And the Bow Tied Weddings service specializes in DJ-ing the finest weddings in Atlanta.

While their musical taste is excellent (trust us: your dance floor will be packed), we are particularly impressed that they also help couples plan the wedding itself. This is like getting an awesome value-added service on top of their sizzling musical skills.

Worried about wedding photography? Just say the word and these guys will link you to Kristine Pringle Photographers. You’ll have one less thing to worry about!

The most popular price point for their services is $1,500. But if you request a quote, you can get a more accurate number.

Mike Jones Entertainment and Events

Unlike Bow Tied Weddings, Mike Jones Entertainment and Events is a switch-hitter. This service can provide banging tunes for weddings as well as personal and corporate parties.

Mike himself has been in the business from a young age and has involved into the consummate professional. One of the things he is best known for is client consultation in which he blends his ideas with your own to create an unforgettable event.

And this DJ understands lighting as well as music. He can help set up lighting and an LED acrylic photo booth that lets everyone take home a unique memory of the event.

The most popular price for Mike’s services is $2,000. Contact him today with your exact needs.

They’re Playing Our Song

They’re Playing Out Song specializes in music for weddings. However, they see themselves as far more than another DJ service.

They understand that couples want more than just a few good songs. Instead, couples want to create the kind of party for friends and family that will go down in history.

To do this, these DJs coordinate with caterers, photographers, and any other professionals who are part of the wedding. The result is a highly-organized and synchronized party where everything goes “just right.”

The most popular price for their services is just under $1500. Contact them today to see how they can bring your wedding dreams to life.

Press Play Productions

With all the stress of planning for a wedding, the last thing you want is another complication. When it comes to music, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just “press play?”

Press Play Productions specializes in making your wedding easy to plan. All you have to do on the big day is walk down the aisle, kiss your partner, and have fun!

This DJ has intimate familiarity with every musical style you can think of. Want some spicy EDM or smooth hip-hop flavor at the party? He’s got you covered.

Press Play Productions also offers a free consultation, either in person or over the phone. This helps save money while ensuring that you get exactly what you want from the DJ when the big day rolls around.

Their most popular price point is also a tad under $1,500. But after your free consultation, you will have a more exact estimate in hand. 

Glass Dee Entertainment

Glass Dee Entertainment specializes in weddings. But they also love to provide music for things like family reunions, school dances, bat mitzvahs, and corporate events.

They make things easy for the couple by including the costs of travel in their estimates. And they also know how to bring the party by bringing hit decorations such as a disco ball. At your request, they can also bring things like photo booths, flat screens, projectors, and lighting equipment.

Want someone to serve as your MC? They have you covered and can even offer a bilingual MC to meet your needs.

Ultimately, Glass Dee Entertainment provides a solid “all in one” solution for your party needs. Their most popular price is just under $1,000, but a more exact quote is only a phone call away!

Exquisite Sounds Entertainment

A wedding is a complex event that requires an entire team to pull off. When it comes to a DJ, why not have an entire team handle the music?

With Exquisite Sounds Entertainment, you get more than just a single talented DJ. You get a specialized team with over a decade of transforming weddings into a jumping good time.

These specialists excel at more than music. They can also help with lighting and can provide things like photo booths, flat screens, and a sound system.

The most popular price for these award-winning specialists is $1,500. Contact them today to get an exact quote.

The Beat Drops

Now you know about some of the best wedding DJs and party DJs. But do you know who can help you with any party under the sun or moon?

Blue Sky Atlanta specializes in DJs, live music, event planning, and more. To see how we can make your next event sparkle, come request a quote today!