It’s a new year! There are plenty of exciting musicians to think about and get booked up for our wedding client’s events this year.  And, that is exactly what we have been doing for many years now.  With the engagement season now upon us, it is that time again to help make the dreams of hundreds of brides come true with flawless event planning and musicianship.

Wedding harpist in AtlantaNo wedding is complete without a great Atlanta wedding music band or one of our Atlanta Wedding Music DJs to set the night with just the right mood and ambiance.  It is no wonder that we try to stop top of the mind when it comes to being the “go to’ company for live music in Atlanta.

There is no doubt that Atlanta has some wonderful wedding music DJs – many of whom can be found right here.  We save our clients the guesswork and time finding just the right man for the job.  This allows her time to spend on others things – probably things that she does expertly.

Here’s just one example of allowing us to do what we do best for you.  Some months ago a bride called asking for an Atlanta wedding DJ and “something else for her cocktail hour.”  Before I was off the phone with her I realized that I had not only the perfect DJ for her but also someone who could do both the cocktail hour AND the rest of the reception handily.

Atlanta violinist, cellist and viola comprise a wonderful cast for some romantic music.

Of course there is nothing delights listeners more than an authentic string trio or quartet with the latter generally having more arrangements.  From Mozart to Vivaldi, the strings fill the air as the solemn as guests gather and the ceremony begins.  We can even help you pick your favorite selections.