Help! What Should I Do For My Wedding Music?

Details associated with wedding planning can pile up quickly. The dress. The cake. The shoes. The venue. But what about the music?  When considering what music will play on your big day, perhaps the best way to start is to close your eyes, imagine yourself there, and listen. What do you hear?

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Wedding Planning for a Live Wedding Music Band? 

Do you hear live bands for hire? When performers play live as opposed to a Disc Jockey (DJ), something changes in the atmosphere. Live performers offer unexpected touches of elegance. Options here include classical guitarists, string performers, jazz trios, and quartets.  Specialty bands that play Bluegrass, New Orleans Jazz, or even Irish and German Traditional Folk bands can highlight whatever personality traits you and your partner may have. Even if these people don’t play at the reception, they can still play a little ditty during your special ceremony. You choose.

Is it Top 40?

When you close your eyes, how full is the dance floor? If you want a packed dance floor and an all-night party, staying current with what’s streaming on the radio may be your best bet. People love to get down to the songs they know. Top 40 jams are chock-full with easy rhythms to persuade even the most timid of dancers to get out onto the floor. Even if your guests didn’t know the song when they arrived, they’ll remember it by the time they leave.

The choice is up to you. Once you figure out what you hear, let Blue Sky Atlanta take care of the details in finding you and the perfect match in music.  Our new and upgraded user-friendly website now makes your search easier than ever before!   And, we want you to feel an instant comfort level when working with us.  We are professional musicians!  Call us today or write in everything about your wedding or special event!

Trust Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment to find the perfect wedding music band for you.