There are people out there who contact Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment all the time with a common dilemma; should we consider hiring a Dj or invite a band to perform at our wedding reception? Of course two of the most common things that comes to mind is the budget requirements as well as the wishes of all concerned. Let’s put aside the budget for a moment. Both entertainment ideas sends the guests an instant message about you. The guests arrive in the room and look up to see and hear a superb 9-piece orchestra like The Del Baroni Orchestra, for example, playing “I’ve Got the The World On A String” or “All Of Me” and they likely will want to take to the floor and dance! Their “look” with the music stand fronts displaying their name.

An Atlanta wedding Dj the likes of a Lance Johnson, will likely be providing tunes that have been specifically chosen by the bride and groom for each time period of the evening. Lance uses state-of-the-art equipment and uses his microphone just enough to make announcements and he doesn’t try to ‘take over the show’. Djs are generally better suited for smaller receptions under 150 people or so. However, with the proper sized P.A., even a single Dj can rock the house of 250 guests or more! One thing to remember when you hire a band, you can customize the time that that particular band may be on one of their brief pauses from the stage. Since you do not want any “dead air” and people may still want to dance, the band can be playing your favorite tunes on CD’s NOT found on their playlist! This music can be arranged for in advance either by the band or clients will provide them to the band to play. If you are the type of person that must hear the sound of any given tune exactly as you remember it, then Dj is definitely the way to go for you. But, an experienced band can cover many genres from the last 60 years of recorded music and keep the dancing crowd hopping. Several times over the last 20 years, Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment has actually supplied both a Dj AND a band! Now, what’s not to like? Talk to one of our representatives today to explore your possibilities. Please call 770.457.1955 for a prompt proposal.