This Week in Musical History Dance Bands & DJ’s Swing

Atlanta Wedding Music Bands and DJ’s are in full swing!

Last week 67 year-old , Billy Joel, became the first musical act to perform some of America’s most beloved songs from his extensive catalog that many Atlanta Wedding Music Bands learn and perform.  Joel held thousands of life-long loyal fans (like me) spellbound showing up at Suntrust Park in Atlanta, GA.   Mr. Joel and his 7-piece band backing him rocked the house for nearly 3 hours.  New-comer pianist vocalist Andrew McMahon and Out of the Wilderness opened  the show for him.

Atlanta Wedding musicians rise to any occasion of entertainment to make live wedding music the "in thing" in Atlanta.

Atlanta Wedding Music Bands are in full swing in the months of May and June in Atlanta!

May is historically a great month for music history.

In 1965 The Supremes released “Back In My Arms Again”.  In 1970, Poet and lyricist, Bernie Taupin, collaborated for the first time with music composer, Elton John, to write music for his first album entitled Elton John.   In 1972, super group ,The Eagles’ first single record “Take It Easy” was released.

Motown music is still a mainstay for wedding and party bands and Atlanta has no shortage of great bands with a rich, diverse variety of dance music from the ‘60’s to today that audiences are seeking today for wedding receptions and corporate fund raiser Galas.

The first Grammy Awards were given away in 1958 for songs Domenico Mudugno for Volare, The Champs for Tequila and The Kingston Trio for their recording of Tom Dooley.   In 1966 the innovative album Pet  Sounds were released by The Beach Boys in response to The Beatles’ Rubber Soul and Dr. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band albums.

Beach Bands are still popular in this part of the southeast region of the country.  Motown and R’n’B interspersed

with beloved song like What Kind of Fool Do You Think I am?, Girl Watcher and I love you More Today than

Yesterday bring a crowd of all ages to the dance fast faster than anything.

In 1966, The Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards, came up with the guitar riff for their song, Satisfaction that originally was supposed to be a horn line!   In 1970, violence erupted on the campus of Kent State University and that prompted Neil Young’s song Ohio.  In 1971, Marvin Gaye released What’s Going On?  In ’73, “Smoke On the Water” by Deep Purple made it to the radio and it became a staple of many garage bands throughout the world.

In 1977, Eric Clapton married George Harrison’s ex-wife and she became the inspiration for two of Clapton’s songs Layla and Wonderful Tonight.    In 1981, world renown Reggae star Bob Marley lost his battle with cancer but his signature songs Jammin’ and One Love will live forever.

Also that year, Stevie Wonder penned Sir Duke – a tribute to the late great Duke Ellington.  In 1990, Tom Waits was awarded $2.5 Mil. from Frito-Lay who, it was proven, stole vocal and writing style.  He always claimed his voice was unique.

Did you know that Jimi Hendrix and The Monkees once shared a bill on the same show!  Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page also once did an SNL show in 1998 with Sean “Puffy” Combs.

In 2004,John Mayer showed up to play at a high school Prom in PA.  In 2007, Fats Domino, one of New Orleans most famous residents, played a 30 minute set at Tipitina’s including I’m Walkin’ and Blueberry Hill.