Luckily, someone suggested she look up wedding entertainment companies in Atlanta and she found Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment. I always like to tell brides, “we’ve got your back”!   This bride’s luck continued as I was able to find one of the best harpists the metro area to perform for her with that Saturday open on her calendar.  I have to admit, she was one of the coolest brides I have ever encountered.

I am dying to hear what she thought of Harpist Debra.  I have no doubt that her wedding planner will want her to perform for her future brides down the road.  This is but one example of the pleasure I personally derive from assisting folks with their entertainment needs.   With St. Patrick’s Day not too far away, Debra is one of Georgia’s favorite Celtic harpists as well as a traditional classical wedding musician.  She sometimes teams up with a flutist to provide a greater variety for our brides to enjoy.

Aside for Debra’s obvious talent, she is a true professional.  She arrives at the location of any venue at least ninety minutes ahead of the event’s  designated time.  An entertainment provider, I love that attribute in Atlanta musicians, magicians or DJ’s.   By the way, reports are already back that Harpist Debra did a lovely job and the brides had many compliments for her.



Please consider a wedding harpist for your wedding ceremony and give Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment a call.  We’ve got your back!