When it comes to planning your wedding, sometimes you have way too much on your plate, you can feel overwhelmed. You have to pick what your bride’s dresses will be, the groom’s suits, food and beverages for your guests and an ongoing list of seemingly unending tasks. One piece of the planning that everyone remembers is the Music. Whether that memory was good or bad is highly dependent on the actual musician. For the Wedding Ceremony or Rehearsal dinner, prefer a Live band over any other musician. Blue Sky Atlanta has taken the time to hand-pick the most elegant Wedding Musicians.

We have over 100 musicians, artists and entertainers that you can choose from for the spectacular day. We have some specialist Wedding musicians who make your Wedding guests tap the foot right away to the tunes and eventually sing and dance along, all night long.

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Wedding Bands & Musicians

Blue Sky Atlanta has taken the time to hand-pick the finest Wedding Musicians available for the wedding ceremony or rehearsal dinner

Wedding Planning Services

When it comes to planning your wedding, sometimes you have to much on your plate you can feel overwhelmed. We are here to help.

Wedding DJ’s

Chose from a range of Best wedding DJs in town

We have over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry and we have meticulously combed through an overwhelming amount of artists in the Georgia area to provide you with unforgettable talent. Imagine walking down the aisle to the song of your choice played by a professional Wedding artist. As you move forward with every step, many things will inevitable be going through your mind. You will see all of your guests, your soon to be husband, and of course the man walking down the aisle with you who is passing you off to him. The music can be a big part of that. Every note is perfect, the pitch is astonishing and the memory that is being created at that very moment will never be forgotten.For an evening you and your guests will always remember. Contact Blue Sky Atlanta and book a live Wedding band for your rehearsal dinner and wedding ceremony. We listen carefully to your ideas and your event vision. Whether you know what you are looking for or are seeking our expert advice, we make sure that only artists who we trust and admire are part of your special event. For the reception, consider our live Atlanta Wedding DJs to help liven the atmosphere and really get you and your guests moving!