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Flamenco Guitarist-Rouzbeh

Rouzbeh plays flamenco guitar finger-style, universally recognized as the most difficult and entertaining method of playing. Audiences are mesmerized by not only the beautiful music but by the flashing hands and precise finger-work which is the hallmark of his style. For each performance, Rouzbeh brings enthusiasm and energy that never fails to get the crowd to their feet. In addition, he maintains a level of professionalism that always leaves his clients and their guests thrilled to have been part of such an amazing show.

Guitarist-Vocalist Logan

Logan is a premier musician around Atlanta. His versatility and style make him the perfect act for any occasion. As a native to Georgia, his song selection and styles are perfect for the southeast. Playing music for multiple decades, there isn’t one song you won’t know. He not only does solo performances at local restaurants and clubs, but he also plays at several private events at country clubs. Heck, you might have even seen him at your local Whole Foods Market.

Jazz Guitarist Mike

Since his arrival in the fall of 1996 to Atlanta, jazz guitarist Mikey has become one of the most sought after straight-ahead jazz guitarists in the area.

Originally from Rochester, New York, Mike subsequently resided in New York City where he performed at some of Manhattan’s more prestigious jazz venues including Condon’s, Birdland, The Village Gate, Fat Tuesdays, and Showman’s Lounge. He has appeared with Charles Davis, Al Grey, Della Reese, Richie Vitale, Junior Cook, Joe Romano, and Ralph Lalama.

Banks & Shane

THE RETURN has brought back the fun, the energy, and the excitement of the pop culture sensation that came to be known as “Beatlemania”.

They have performed all over the world including the Cavern in Liverpool, as well as Abbey Road Studios in London. In Japan, they headlined the 40th-anniversary celebration of the Beatles' visit to Tokyo. In Hermosillo, Mexico they debuted their “Sgt Peppers & Beyond” show in front of over 10,000 fans. In the US they were recently named the Atlanta Braves Band of the Year.

Quote: $8,500 – 10,000.

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