Wedding anniversaries are celebrated to honour the most memorable and precious moments in a couple’s life. But as everything becomes monotonous with time, at one point of time you will hardly find a new and fun way to celebrate your marriage, except going out for a dinner with your partner. Sometimes budget becomes constraint to think of a grand anniversary celebration. Find some wonderful tips here to celebrate your wedding day this year, which are exciting as well as smart enough, not dig a big hole into the pocket.

Add Magical Touch to Your Date Night:

Plan something new to your dinner date tomake it classy. Choose an elegant restaurant and take your partner on a horse-drawn carriage instead of driving to it. Hire a musician at the restaurant for a surprise element or raise toast to the flash mob at the restaurant and turn a regular anniversary date into a memorable evening.

Throw a Party:

If you are not in favour of a private or simple anniversary celebration, throw a grand party with your friends andfamily. To make it a real bash, you need to arrange essentials like a Party DJ for hire, a bartender, dance band, caterer, décor etc to make it the most happening moment for your love, if all these fit into your budget.

Recreate Your Wedding

It will be a great fun to recreate your wedding to bring back the old sweet memory of the past. You may ask your gueststo appear in some vintage clothes or decorate the party with your wedding pictures etc. You may also present the entire time gone by through a story infront of the guests to show how it all began. 

Take on an Anniversary Trip:

If you are not a party person, don’t worry at all. Plan for a destination anniversary and take your partner on a long awaited trip to make it special for her. It doesn’t matter much if it’s a Europe tour or a simple long road drive. As long as you are with your partneron this day, it is always going to be a special celebration.

 Gift Something Unique

Gifts for an anniversary keep changing witheach passing year. Plan something special which not necessarily has to be anexpensive one but must be thoughtful one. For the first year the traditional gifts are essentially something customized for your love like a book, a loveletter or card or any other stationary, usually paper-made. From next yearonwards, modern gifts like appliances or home decors are great options to impress your spouse.

 Spend Leisure Time Together

If no plan is on the card this year, just relax and be with your partner the entire day. You need not always plan something extensive to surprise your spouse. Sometimes it’s just the time you spend together works great to celebrate a special day. Take off from work, switch off your mobile and spend the day the way you want to. This will save your moneyand is the best way to keep it simple.

Do Something to Recreate the Old Sweet Memories:

You can do lot of stuff to enjoy the day which is simple and inexpensive, yet adds great fun to your life. Watch yourwedding video/DVD or look through your wedding album, cook some hearty meal together as you did on your first wedding dinner, go for a private photo shoot or visit the place of your first date to relieve the old sweet memories.

Planning to throw an anniversary party this year? Book a band or live musical entertainment to rock the party as well as to create a romantic ambience for your spouse and the party guests.